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More famous Creoles and Creole Communities

Confusion on Creole Identity


...Many so called scholars who are in fact not Creoles, the Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and the so called know it alls have been doing nothing but second guessing Our Creole definition and Our beginnings...It started way back when the Americans invaded their newly purchased Louisiana Territory.

Prior to Americas occupation of the Louisiana Territory, The French Creoles whether White, Black, Mixed Race, Free people of color indentured servants or slaves all co mingled together enjoyed the same Culture and Spoke the same Language..From the beginning of the Louisiana Colony until the selling of the Louisiana Territory it's inhabitants lived in a three tiered society long before there was a " One Drop Rule " . There is no way You can compare American Culture to that of the French Latin Culture that governed the Lives of the French Inhabitants of Louisiana

We always hear such things as Creoles can be anything and any Race....They can Be Germans, Italians Asians etc etc...Wrong wrong wrong..Perhaps during the time of Early colonization but not now. It's not a "catch all Culture" where anyone who Claims He is Creole is Creole..Also such statements as the Original Creoles were Europeans and even that Creoles no Longer exist make no sense at all..



Well, these People that are making such statements are those same People that are using dictionaries that are outdate and have adopted Americanized Racist orientated definitions to discredit The Creole of Color..You must remember that the very word "Creole" means to Create" meaning not White not Black not Native American but a combination of all three..and were called so by the Spanish and Portugese Colonizers

.This web site wants to set the record straight that Our Creole Civilization dates back to Sub Sahara of Antiquity and it and it's language existed long before the colonization of French Louisiana...So lets get the story straight . A Creole is NOT anyone who wants to be called one.. A Creole is a Member of a Bonified Culture and Ethnic Group that have Ancestorial ties to Africa ,Louisiana ,Native America and Europe ..Creoles in Haiti, The Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and World wide have Language and Culture ties which is proof that it's not just sometihing that is created for the individual who wants to be associated with something or someone who is different


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Is " Creole " just a Culture or Ethnic Group as well ??


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Creole Actress

Sophia Martinez

K.D. Aubery

A Creole Actress


Pre American Mixed Race Creoles and more

The Louisiana

Afro Creole

Napoléon Bonaparte

letter to Toussaint Louverture (1801)

The Papiamentu Language . More click here

a Creole Language dating back to 1450

Was President Eisenhower

.of Mixed Race Heritage ?

Sarodj Bertin.. A Mixed Race Metis

Miss Haitian Universe

Mulatto images

of the past

Bernardo de Gálvez governor of Spanish Louisiana

The Treme

America's Oldest Black Neighborhood and It's Original Creole inhabitants More here

Leah Chase

the “Queen of Creole Cuisine,


What does it really mean ??

History detectives Investigating Our Creole past

A Unique "Creole" Restaurant

in the Heart of The French Quarters

I Know Where My Ancestors Come From

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Southern University

Established by Creoles of Color

Are All Creoles the same ?

African/Creole Americans in New Orleans ...the Book



The open-air center was designed by.......Architect Joseph Abeilard,

A Free Person of Color and Creole Raised in France


The site of the French Market was formerly a trading post for the native Louisiana Choctaw. The "French" Market was actually established around 1779, after the Spanish took control of New Orleans. Moved to its present site in 1791, this is the oldest farmer's market in the country. The Market has survived several changes of nationality, when Louisiana reverted to French control, and then ultimately sold to the United States in 1803.

The open-air center was designed by architect Joseph Abeilard, one of the first African-American architects, in 1870, but was destroyed in a hurricane. Throughout its history, people of color, (both slave and free), Creoles, Native Americans, U.S. citizens, Sicilians, (and basically everybody) sold wares and/or shopped at this location. ......Source


Are Creoles an Ethnic Group

Antoine Jacques Phillippede Marigny de Mandeville and the Creole of Color

The Real History of the St Louis Cathedral


More on The Creole language

Still More here

Creole Radio

Bringing You closer to Your Louisiana Heritage ...Updates

La Compagnie Créole

a popular Creole pop band from French Guiana



Louisiana Directory of Towns and Cities

The Crisis Vol 11 Excerpts ..A good book on the Creole Struggle

Smithsonian Institution, world's largest museum

Tina Knowles Beyonces French Creole Mother

Norbert Rillieux

Developed the Sugar cane Refining process Video

Metis/Creole Women From Senegal Africa during the Slave Trade

Our Worldwide Creole Language

The Louisiana People and their Culture

How We Perceive Our Hair

Early Creole Poems

Americas First- From it's Black Citizens

La Creole

A New Orleans Creole Organization

A Historic Creole Museum. Do We Need One ??

Should Americas 3 Tiered Society Return




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