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No Other Culture or People can boast a greater Racial and cultural Diversity

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The Uniqueness Of the Louisiana Creole
Our Culture Will withstand the test of time


In the 21st century Creole Culture and Creole People have been reduced from a Nation of Free People of Color within a three tiered society to a shattered nation of Mixed Race People who are considered by most in American Society ( both Black and Whites ) to be part of the African American Community without Cause or justification

In reality what this amounts to is a Rebuttal of Our Creole Culture. For too long too many People have taken for granted that Creoles are simply Black Americans that are no different than any Black person residing in America.

Is it Because that Creoles don't stand tall and are proud of their Culture ? or is the repudiation by the African American so overwelming that the Creole either accdepts this African American Label or Dis owns his Blackness..

There are many reasons why the Creole is ostricized by American society. so lets take a look at just where We are going with Our Culture and examine why We as Creoles , if We don't wake up, could be on the verg of Cultural destruction


lets take a look some of the issues that have affected Creoles, their Culture and their very survival


1.... Under French and Spanish Rule the Louisana Creole enjoyed a seperate Racial Catagory




Creoles of Color were by definition Afro- European (with the possibility of the presence of Native American genes in some cases). They were not "blacks," i.e.,Africans.

 Second many were also normally free persons, not slaves, nor had they descended from slaves. As the historian David Rankin has noted, the so called "mulattoes" in antebellum Louisiana enjoyed something of a prima facie claim to free status, while blackness raised a presumption of slavery (Rankin 1978: 381-82; Spitzer 1977: 155).


Early Free Person of Color

Moreover, such free persons of color, often enough "Creoles of Color," were deemed equal to whites in law. There was, in this regard, a substantive, defining distinction between such Creoles   and blacks and a clear value attachment to the status "Creole of Color" among the members of the group.

Creoles spoke French, Standard French in the case of those who were especially advantaged, but surely French in some form.

Creoles were of course Catholic;

in New Orleans they were likely to be members of a predominantly Creole parish and very much part of a special community, membership in which was a source of considerable personal pride. Indeed, pride of group; personal attachments to group values (including values associated with their elevated status), education, a kind of bourgeois propriety.Creoles married one another and, to a remarkable degree, only one another.

Marriages were frequently arranged between families, but in any case individuals chose mates from within the community; so much so that a close student of Louisiana genealogy has argued that the Creole population virtually constituted a series of large, interlocked families.


2....Before the Civil War Creoles mixed freely with Whites and Native Americans


Since the beginning of Creole History in the Americas' Creoles have always been able to maintain a seperate identy ..Why , because they developed as a seperate Class of People due to their creation as a People and their status in Society


for example..

Freom the beginning of the Colony The Louisiana Slaves followed several different avenues to Freedom especially during the Spanish Period.. These Slaves purchased their freedon indirectly from willing masters and indirectly from more reluctant owners through the custom of " Coartacion"

" Coartacion" was the the system of self purchase which guaranteed the full scale recognition of the slaves right to personel property and to the making of Contracts..

Coartacion offered advantages to the slaveholders.. The Slaves and the Government and all three groups benefited according to their interest..The Crown benefited from a growing free population that tended to accept it's middle status in a three tiered society, aspiring to attain the privileges of White colonials and supplied the colony with skilled laborers and a Militia Force.

Black White and Racially Mixed Creoles recognized that they shared a unique Culture that had evolved over generations of mutual experience..Free Creoles of Color took pride in the Heritage they shared with White Creoles and fostered their relationship with one another

Sacramental records demonstrated that Creoles of Color often chose Whites to serve as god parents to their children..Often Whites who served as these Godparents were often related to their Racially Mixed god children

Creoles of Color ..by James Dormon







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3... The White Creoles freely intermixed with the Creoles of Color


4.... Prior to the Civil War Louisiana was called " theCreole State "


5.... Currently Creole Culture is down played and Cajun Culture is held in High esteem


6........ Creole Food is now called Cajun Delights


7..... Zydeco Music ( The Music of the Rural Creoles ) is now catagorized as Cajun Music


8... The State of Louisiana makes no distinction between the Creole and African American


9... Creoles were forbidden to speak Their CreoleLanguage in School




. Creoles are a distinct People that have existed since the dawn of Creation and although they have not always been defined as Creoles throughout their existance the admixture has been the same since the dawn of the Nubian/ Egyptian Civilizations








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No Other Culture or People can boast a greater cultural Diversity


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