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Creole Slang



On this page you will see terms and slang commonly used among "creole people." In one way or another it is a form of communication used to identify and distinguish creoles from non-creole people. Some of these expressions are not exclusive to the creole communities, but are used quite frequently. Some derive from creoles living in New Orleans' Seventh Ward and other expressions are used by creoles throughout the United States. Some of them you may have heard while other slangs you may have not. But in a large sense these expressions and slangs have brought the creole people together in one way or another.

Many thanks to:

Darrlyn A. Smith,
The author of
"The New Orleans 7th Ward Nostalgia Dictionary 1938-1965" from which most of this material has been taken


AMOS AND ANDY- A jump rope jingle. Jumpers performed the actions that were chanted by the rope turners. "Amos and Andy, sugar and candy, flip, flop, down. Amos and Andy, sugar and candy, flip, flop, up. Amos and Andy, sugar and candy, flip, flop, stay. Amos and Andy, sugar and candy, flip, flop, away."


BEANS AND CORN BREAD- A counting off activity to determine who would be "It" in a game. The words were "Stolen" from an old song. "beans and corn bread had a fight. Beans knocked corn bread out of sight. Beans told corn bread, that's all right. Meet me 'round the corner on Friday night."



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