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BEANS AND CORN BREAD A counting off activity to determine who would be "It" in a game. The words were "Stolen" from an old song. "beans and corn bread had a fight. Beans knocked corn bread out of sight. Beans told corn bread, that's all right. Meet me 'round the corner on Friday night."

BEIGNETS Fried pillow-shaped doughnuts smothered in powdered sugar. During these years, people of color purchased beignets from a "special" window at Café Du Monde.

BOO-COO very much; a great deal
Booger Man The bogeyman elsewhere. An expression used to scare children into behaving correctly.

Brown Paper Bags Flour and Seasonings were put in a brown paper bag to coat chicken, fish and other meats before frying. To drain the oil after frying, the fried food was placed on another brown paper bag.

Brown Paper Bag Test- Seventh Warders do remember! To be accepted in some circles, this visual test was used to determine if skin color was darker than a brown paper bag. If skin color was darker than the bag, you might be turned down. But maybe you could pass the fine comb test. If not, maybe your father was a medical doctor or your mother a teacher. You remember!

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