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Can't-Cha-Don't-Cha Hair- Hair hard to manage and style. Can't do anything with and don't you try.

Can't beat that with a Stick- Nothing's better than that.

Catch when catch can- Take advantage of the opportunity at hand.

Chere Mo Lemme T'oi / Cher, Mo L'aime Toi- Dear I love you so. This version of a French folk song was taught at Martinez Nursery School. "Chere mo lemme t'oi, chere mo lemme t'oi, mo lemme t'oi, mo lemme t'oi. Si mo lemme t'oi, si mo lemme t'oi, mo lemme t'oi, mo lemme t'oi."

Confirmation- The one confirmation had a sponsor and chose a saint's name which was written on the Confirmation certificate. As in Communion, girls wore white dresses, white shoes and veils. Boys wore blue serge suits, white shirts, dark ties and shoes. This attire was traditionally passed from generation to generation. The church provided red bages on which the word Confirmation was printed. A breakfast always followed the morning ceremony which consisted of cocoa and homemade pastries like banana fritters or callas. Confirmation was also called "Big Communion."

Cooyon- Foolish; silly

Coozan / Coozine- Cousin

Counting by Five's / Tens- A jump rope jingle. Players jumped one at a time into the rope and counted by fives and tens until they missed the jump or stopped the rope. A fun way to practice math facts.

Crab Boils- In a large kettle or pot of boiling water, add crabs, shrimp, crawfish, pieces of corn on the cob, new red potatoes, hot and/or smoked sausage, lemon pieces, and Rex or Zatarains crab boil. Boil about half an hour. Spread the table with newspaper and spoon out the contents of the pot. Enjoy! Don't forget to suck the crawfish heads.

Craze-i or Craze-ah- means crazy (thanks to Aretha Thompson)

Language, people, food, culture, places, events, customs and traditions!

Cried Like a Baby- One cried really hard and loud

Cuc-a-bugz- Nappy hair (thanks to Aretha Thompson)

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