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Sak-Ah-Me-Tay- Choctaw Indian influenced dish of ground corn (hominy) with seasonings and some meat.

Shack Bully- He /she rules the house or organization.

She's / He's Got a Ring in the Nose- She's in love. He's henpecked.

Shot Gun Wedding- Forced into marriage because of pregnancy.

Sisters of the Holy Family- The order of black nuns founded by Henriette Delille in 1842. Many students who attended St. Mary's Academy in the French Quarter were from the Seventh Ward.

Sling Shot- A toy. A "Y" from a tree branch was used to make this toy. The top of the "Y" was fitted with a piece of rubber from a discarded inner tube. A piece of inner tube was cut into a strip that was wider at the middle and narrower at the sides. Then slits were cut in the ends of the inner tube strips and attached to the top of the "Y." Rocks, wadded up paper or china balls could be shot from the sling.

So Dirty They Could Stand Up in a Corner by Themselves- "Girl, her socks were so dirty they could stand up in the corner by themselves."







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