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Fiddle Sticks- Pick-up sticks. A porch or indoor game. The object was to pick up all sticks without touching the others. A "fiddler," a black or odd colored stick, was used to throw or push sticks away from the others so that they could be picked up.

File- The main ingredient in file gumbo. Choctaw Indian influence. According to some Creole cooks, authentic file gumbo contains sausage, ham, meat and seafood.

First Communion- Children who made their First Communion wore white clothing, white shoes and had a new prayer book and rosary beads. Girls wore veils like brides and carried satin or crocheted satchels which held religious paraphernalia. Children received gifts of medals and holy pictures usually of the saint after whom they were named. First Communion was also called "Little Communion."

Funny - gay (thanks to Aretha Thompson)

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