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People in Hell Want Ice Water- A parent's response to the constant, whining demands of children.

Pirogues- Hollowed out cypress tree log. Flat bottom boat crafted by hunters and fishermen. This boat could be easily managed through waters for duck hunting, fishing or transportation through the bayous and swamps.

Poach- Porch. Evening meeting place for family and friends who told stories and recounted family tales. A place where children learned to knit and crochet, carve a pop gun or read. In the summer, it was also a place to sit and swing after "getting clean" for the evening. One could also "do' pop" from the porch while listening to the maschuquette of the older folk.

Pop Guns- Made from hollowed out sugarcane or bamboo stalks. Old broom sticks or tree twigs were whittled into shooters to fit the opening in the sugarcane or bamboo. Small rocks, chewed up or wadded up wet paper and china berries could be shot from the pop gun.

Pop Your Fingers- Snap your fingers.

Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It- Think about what was said!

Put a Little Cream in Your Coffee- Marry a lighter skinned person.

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