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Laid out- Waked. In a casket for all to view.

"Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler" Let the good times roll. Chanted during the Carnival season.

Lard Hog- Very fat person.

Last Button on Gabe's Coat- Nothing's left in the cupboard or ice box. No money left.

Lightning Bugs- Fireflies. Children caught them at night, put them in jars with lids that had holes punched in them. They wiped the bug's "light" on their clothes so that the clothing glowed in the dark.

Little Sally Walker- A circle, singing, game. One player in the center of the circle performed the actions sung by the other players. Here is one version: "Little Sally Walker, sitting in the saucer (parlor). She's moaning, she's weeping, for someone to come. Oh, rise Sally, rise. Wipe your weeping eyes. Put your hands on your hips. Let your backbone slip. Shake it to the east. Shake it to the west. Shake it to the one that you love the best." The player in the center of the circle chose someone who took the center place and the game began again.

(The) Lord Don't Like Ugly- What you did was wrong. You will reap your reward for your wrong deeds.

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