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Believe it or not it has been estimated that there are over 5 millonCreoles in America Nation We come across, every now and then Creole related web sites, We will list them here so that you may See for y that We are continuing ourself that Creoles are doing well and to keep Our Culture alive and well



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Over the Last 100 years Our Precious Creole Culture and Heritage has been in danger of Disappearing...The State of Louisiana with it's Post Civil War Racist Policies, The American Government with it's Blatant disregard of it's 1803 Louisiana Purchase Agreement and it's Racial policies and with many in the Black and White communities who fail to acknowledge Our Culture and Heritage, all have contributed to the Demise of Our Culture..

.Creoles on the other hand are not faultless ..Because so many of Us have lived with the One Drop Rule for so long We have begun to forget that Our Culture is indeed different and should be Preserved..

We here at French Creoles. Com are dedicated to Preserving Our Heritage the best way We can We are providing on this page information on Other Creole Organizations that share Our Own views on preserving Our Creole addition there are some links that we want to share with You for a Broader understanding of Our Creole Heritage


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Lalita Tademy... Cane River


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The Boutte and Olivier Family web site
The Rideau Vineyard.


Angels Forever


Creole Culture Related stories


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The First Black Republic in the New World and the 2nd Country behind America to gain it's independence Click here



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Anatole Broyard His story

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