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Louisiana has always been the Ancestral home for Creoles since the Foundation of the French Colony of Louisiana ..Our Culture begun there and It flourished for over 200 years, but since the Civil War New Orleans, at one time the 2nd largest City in America fell victim of the demise of the South...

After the war and sometime after reconstruction when the Federal Troops, stationed there to protect the newly won Freedoms and rights of the freed slaves, left, the control of the city was again placed in the hands of the Southern Racist politicians who went quickly to work disenfranchising the Blacks and Creoles of color by taking away there newly won freedoms and placing them back to Pre Civil War slavery like conditions...As a result Many of Our Creole ancestors left or were either expelled from the city and state of Louisiana..



.The well educated, the Professionals , business Owners and skilled workers began to migrate to other areas of the United States seeking a better opportunity that Louisiana failed to provide it's Creole citizens..This outward migration of the elite people to different areas within America left Louisiana and New Orleans with very few qualified individuals who could step in and take their place..

consequently the State, with the loss of it's best became a less desirable place to live...Many of these People found their way to more desirable and progressive places like California , Chicago, Texas and other Northern cities where there was less Racism and more opportunity .This outward migration continues today..

It is sad to see Our Ancestral city and State of Louisiana drop into such low esteem but had it not been for years of abuse and Racist policies things would have been different. California now boast one of the largest concentration of Creole people outside the State of Louisiana





Avoiding Racism in The South ..Creoles are Moving to California





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We can find flourishing Creole Communities throughout California...There are significant Creole enclaves in The San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and many of the more populated areas of the state.. .See where they live and what they have tosay


See Video of how the Creole community is being uprooted from their heritage Click here


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