Creoles/Mulattos in the New World

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The Caribbean Islands...The World's vacation Paradise
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The Creoles of the Caribbean...

Where it all started in the New World




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The Caribbean Creoles

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The Creole Language





The Genisis of the Caribbean People


During the early colonization of the New World, Slaves were brought to all parts of TheCaribbean...Cuba and the Island of St Dominique were the principal ports of debarkation .....

These slaves were brought to almost all the many Islands to work on the Sugar cane plantations, raise and grow crops and develop the economy of these regions for the benefit of the slave traders...

Through these years the descendents of these inhabitants developed a Culture of their Own...The Mixture of the Europeans, the Africans, the Native Indian inhabitants plus the newly arriving East Indians, .Asians and other Nationalities has resulted into a Rich and Colorful Culture the World has never Known..

.The New Native People of these areas are in most Cases a New Breed of people called Creoles.We have picked out those countries that all share a common Creole Culture..Of Course not all are Predominately Creole ..........



Creole by Definition

A.....Historically, the term Creole was documented by Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. In "The Inca", writing in the early 1600s, he said: "The name was invented by the Negroes... They use it to mean a Negro born in the Indies, and they devised it to distinguish those who come from this side and were born in Guinea from those born in the New World....

B......Another version states that the term Creole (Spanish -- Criollo) was introduced in 1590. It derived from the Latin word “crear”, which meant, “create.” In 1590, Father J. de Acosta decided that the mixed breeds born in the New World were neither Spanish, African, Indian, but various mixtures of all three, thus a created race. So he identified them as "Criollos".

The Spanish copied them by introducing this word to describe those born in the New World, and in this way both Spaniards and Guinea Negroes are called criollo if they were born in the New World."



The Island of Dominica
The Nature Island of the Caribbean



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The Island of Dominica

The Nature Island of the Caribbean

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The Frenchcreole International Community

....The Dominican Republic..A Mulatto Nation and part of Our Creole Heritage


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