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The Indian Ocean Creoles


During the early colonization of the New World and the newly found Trade routes to China via the Indian Ocean the European Conquerers and traders,specifically the French Dutch, the Portugese began to colonize the Islands along these trade routes with Africans who mixed with the Inhabitants and the French Traders to form newly created societies that were similar to those colonies in the West Indies in the new world..As a result You will find unique Cultures very similar to the Creole Cultures of the new World

Through these years the decendents of these inhabitants developed a Culture of their Own...The Mixture of the Europeans, the Africans, the Native Indian inhabitants plus the newly arriving East Indians, .Asians and other Nationalities has resulted into another Rich and Colorful Culture in the Old World

The New Native People of these areas were in most Cases a New Breed of people called Creoles.We have picked out those countries that all share a common Creole Culture..OfCourse not all are Predominately Creole ..........


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Multi Racial Creoles and East Indians from the Creole Island of Reunion

More Creole Speaking People from the Islaind of Reunion
More Video's of Reunion Creoles doing the Sega




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More on Our Creole Caribbean Cultural Cousins

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The Frenchcreole International Community

....The Dominican Republic..A Mulatto Nation and part of Our Creole Heritage


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Caribbean Creole Music videos

Video 1.

...Video 2... Soumia ton silence

..Jocelyne Labylle

Video 4

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