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It's been said for centuries that we Louisiana Creoles were not alone, in fact according to recent reports there are over 30 million Creole/ Creole Speaking people world wide. Now we have, first hand, come face to face with our Creole brothers and sisters in other lands. Though there are cultural differences we all share the same common heritage! Stand aside and take some time to see who these International Creoles are and share some of their cultural experiences.

International Organization of Creole People

Le Courrier Creole

Mauritius Australia Connection


Australian Creolophone
Diaspara Association

The culture of Seychelles from an Americans perspective.


Pointe Coupée Parish History

Early Creole Family of Louisiana

Creole West

more on Creole west

  International Faces

Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Quenette

Andrew and Melissa Quenette

Family Picnic

Miss Creole Australia

Miss Sirene News

Jalsa Creole

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