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People of Color And Mulattos


A Free Person Of Color
Famous Creoles of Color


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Leah Chase .World Renouned Cook and Chef

Augustine Metoyer...The Founder of the Cane River Creole Community

François Lacroixa 19th Centuary New Orleans Creole and wealthy Business man

Richmond BarthéLouisiana Creole Sculpture and Artist

Alexandre Fils....Son of Alexander Dumas and Writer

Alexandre Pétion Creole General,President Leader of the Haitian Revolution


Beau Jocque ..Louisiana Creole Zydeco Musician

Wynton Marsalis a non-Creole but a very noteworthy louisiana music personality

Rachael Ray...TV Personality with Cajun/Creole Roots

Alexandre Dumas World Famous Frenchcreole writer
Dr. SYBIL KEIN Contemporary Creole novelist and Author

Salma Hayek Mexican Actress with Creole Roots

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W. E. B. DuBois Political Activist with strong Creole Roots

SAVANNAH CHURCHIL...1940s' Era .Creole Entertainer

TOUSSAINT L'OUVERTURE.The Father of the Haitian Revolution



Mixed Race/ Mulatto Greats


G.K. Butterfield Mulatto State Rep (Georgia)

Emiliano Zapata Mexican Hero of Mixed Race Ancestory

Senator Blanche Bruce .. Mulatto Reconstruction Era Politician

Gen. Andres PicoAfro mexican Mulatto General

More Famous Creoles, Mulattos and People of Color
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