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Rideau Winery

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From time to time we hear of sucess stories within Our Creole community but this comes as a Blockbuster...



.We Creoles have always been an Industrial people..Our people are among some of societies elite and have a tendency to really excel because we are survivors ..

.Our people represent some of the finest in every professional fields..We can boast Lawyers, Doctors, Educators, Industrialist, Scientist, Architects, Developers and on and on and on, However in this society with everyones' arms around our necks we still continue to exceed and extremely well . Iris Rideau, A New Orleans Creole of Color has successfully owned a First Class Winery well over ten years and still continues to produce First class Wine..

We tip Our hats to this very industrious Creole..You can read all about her Winery by going on her website...Let her know that we appreciate what she has done for Our Creole community and we wish her the best of luck...

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