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Since the beginning of the New World discoveries Men Of Color have left a Legacy that has somhow gotten lost in the History books..Well

, We are going back to the past and seek out those achievements and whatever We find, Will go right here on these new pages and through out this Web Site...but We will not forget the Present look forward to new discoveriers as you check back every now and then




Letters to the Editor
The Issue of Henriette Delille
Just Who is Black
Creole Heritage center Videos.. very good What is a Creole

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"Louisiana Creoles " "


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Creoles/Mulattos in Early California History

More Mulatto California History

Emiliano Zapata

Mexican Hero of Mixed Race Ancestory

Creole Talk
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Beau Jocque ..

a Creole Zydeco Musician

The History of Gumbo

an Afro/Creole delight

Rachael Ray

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Salma Hayek

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The Octoroon

A Creole Novel...Clotel's Rebellion:



Creole Heritage Center

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U.S. Senator Blanche Kelso Bruce


The Black Conquistadors

Lionel Wilson.

Ex Mayor of Oakland Ca


The California Creole Community

Creole Country.

.St Landry's Parish Louisiana

Plaquemines Parish Video 1 video 2


Good Biography Click here

Patrick Francis Healy

Antoine Dubuclet click name for website

wealthiest free person of color in Louisiana prior to the Civil War.


Creole First

Speaking the Creole Language

Language Videos Click here

Rosa Parks mulatto

Where the civil rights movement all began

San Miguel de Guadalupe

The First Original European Colony on what is now calld America

The Founding of New Orleans




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