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Is there anything wrong with being Creole ??

Why is everybody trying to self Deny Creoles Their Identity

Lets face it , for the past 400 Years. The American Government , White Society , the Historians and even the Black African American Community has been trying to deny Our Presence and Our Culture..

Every Ethnic Group here in America from the Irish, The Germans, The Italians, the African Americans and even foreign born Cultures like the Mexicans , just to name a few , celebrate and Honor their Heritage " With Pride "

It's Strange because The Louisiana Creoles and Our Ancestors were the first Ethnic Group in the Americas and the First to stand up and fight for the rights of Many ethnic Groups especially Black America.. In the early 19th Century while most of Black America was in Bondage The Louisiana " Free Man Of Color " stood up and fought for the rights of all people of Color in America..

Our ancestors were the first to step up to the plate to demand equality for all...The First Senators and Congressional representatives were Creoles of Color. The First soldiers of Color to form their Own regiment and fight for the Union, the first and only Front line officers of Color in the Civil war and The first to establish free Educational institutions for the Black Race were All Creoles of Color,

. The first people of Color to Meet with President Lincoln during the Civil war to demand equality were the Creoles. The first Man of Color to challenge the Civil Rights law in Court was Creole, The Wealthiest People of Color in America during the 19th Century, when Most people of color were still in bondage were Creoles ..The First innovators of many cultural practices that still exist today were introduced by Creoles. Creoles were the First People of African Descent to introduce their Food and Customs to America that are still enjoyed Today. The Inventors of Jazz and many types of Music that has made America the greatest Music Producers the World has known.. were Creoles as well

Creoles are indeed an ethnic Group..Click Here

It's all here on this Web site and then some, but , America just doesn't get it and the list goes on and on and on.

We were the only Culture in America where Blacks, Whites, Native Americans and People of Color all spoke the same language, Shared the same Culture and ate the same food. So Why isn't this taught in Our Schools and why do most Americans not know just what is a " Creole " ? Why Are White Americans saying the the First Creoles were White and Why is Black America saying that Creoles are African Americans. ??

The strangest thing of all is that Many Creoles are even believing it themselves... Whites have stopped mixing with Creoles for fear of being labeled as Black and Creoles are mixing more so with the African Americans and are afraid of calling themselves Creoles for fear of being ostracized by the Black Community.. What does this all amount to...

The United Nations has a internationally recognized word for this called...

" Cultural Genocide "..

If The Louisiana Cajuns ,French Canadians ,transplanted from Nova Scotia can rightfully be called an Ethnic Group and We Creoles were established long before their presence, then why can't the Creoles Have their Own Ethnic Identity ?? By International standards We more than ever qualify..



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Saving Our Creole Culture for Generations to come






450 years and still ticking....Our Frenchcreole video






Maintaining Our Creole Identity ......is Very difficult


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I Am What I Say I Am ... Cultural Identity among Creoles


Brazilians ..of Mixed Race Ancestry... More

Dry Wood.

..Video on the Rural Creole

The Louisiana / Mexican Connection

The Golden Passport...A very good History of the Moors in Spain

Afro Latinos. great video..Click here

Josephine Bonaparte... of Creole Heritage

Nicole Richie....of Creole Heritage

Clifton Chenier... Creole and the King of zydeco

Josephine Baker...Of Creole Heritage

The Calinda Dance ..... Our African Heritage

Another White Man discovers He is a Louisiana Creole of Color ...More here

Rockin Sidney

First Zydeco performer to win a Grammy .Of Creole Heritage

The Dooky Chase Creole Band and More New Orleans Recording Artist

Lolo Jones

American track and field athlete of Creole Heritage

How many Mixed Race Creoles came to Be

Kid Ory's Story



The Frenchmarket Then and The French Market today ...Read the true story ....... Click Here


The open-air center was designed by.......Architect Joseph Abeilard,

A Free Person of Color and Creole Raised in France



explorying he New Orleans Creole French Market



The site of the French Market was formerly a trading post for the native Louisiana Choctaw. The "French" Market was actually established around 1779, after the Spanish took control of New Orleans. Moved to its present site in 1791, this is the oldest farmer's market in the country. The Market has survived several changes of nationality, when Louisiana reverted to French control, and then ultimately sold to the United States in 1803.

The open-air center was designed by architect Joseph Abeilard, one of the first African-American architects, in 1870, but was destroyed in a hurricane. Throughout its history, people of color, (both slave and free), Creoles, Native Americans, U.S. citizens, Sicilians, (and basically everybody) sold wares and/or shopped at this location. ......Source


The Code Noir..The Black Codes that governed Slave Behavior
Marie C. Couvent Established the First School in the U.S. to offer free education for African Americans

The Originators of All that Jazz..

Creoles Brought Jazz to Ameica

Our Salute to President Obama..

.Not Creole but still Part of Our Mulatto heritage

Cadavar River

A New Book and a excellent Creole Novel about Creole life on Cane river

Opera Creole

New Orleans Creoles preserving Creole Culture


nineteenth-century Creole of Color playwrights.

America's attempt to destroy the Creole Language



Sir James Douglas

Governor of British Columbia and a Creole of Color ...More

Bishop Harold Robert Perry

Famous Creole.. click also.... here

Hear The discussion..... Click here


.Mixed Race Creoles were a separate Catagory . Many Creoles are also Mulattos ....More click here

A Cane River Creole tells it like it " TIS "

watch the video

New Orleans Public Library

Learn More about Your Creole History

Creole Culture in Rural Louisiana

The Video


On line Encyclopedia of Louisiana ...More

Click to enlarge image

The Spirit of a Culture.. Watch the Video

Creole Giselle

a Ballet on Early Creole life in Louisiana by the Dance Theater of Harlem .....Very Good . Watch The Full Video

Lives & times of the Quadroons

Black in Latin America

Good info watch the whole series

Archdiocese of New Orleans makes geneology Records available ..Click here

Read the Story also

The Louisiana Choctaw Indians

...Click here for more

Belle Creole


Nannette Jolivette Brown Louisiana's First Person of Color ...Female Federal Judge ..Of Creole Heritage

Creoles are not Denying Their Blackness but are Re affirming to White America that Black Culture is indeed Culturally different and Unique

Our Creole Juke Box

..More Good Louisiana Music

Since the beginning of recorded History Creoles have existed in some form or another ..Race Mixing has always been a part of Human Civilization..All Cultures are the Result of Race Mixing .. Mother Africa is the root of all Civilizations
The Issue of Race in America....Good Video

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