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from the past

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Our Transformation from a French Colony to becoming part of the United States of America

Our Place in History

Our Culture existed long before Our Ancestors populated The French Colony of Louisiana

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The Past and Present

louisiana USA


Creolelization is becoming more of a reality in America and throughout the Creole World.. Creoles are finally beginning to recognize that they are indeed unique and different than The Stereotype African American .. Our People and Culture in the New World has existed long before America was a Nation..

In face the first people of Color brought to the Americas were Creoles...In the early slave trade with the American Colonies they were called the " Atlantic Creoles " In the many of the Caribbean Islands Such as Haiti, Belize., St Thomas, Jamaica, Martinique Cuba and Porto Rico many of the Creoles outnumbered the European Whites..Not to Mention, Panama Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela and Puerto Rico, just to name a few ..



450 Years in the New world

and still Ticking


Within this amalgamation of people existed a strong and well established Creole Culture ...Remember Louisiana and many Islands in the New World were french Possessions and so was the Culture..All the Races mixed and intermarried to form the Creole Melting pot that We so often enjoy today...In Louisiana Before the Louisiana Purchase Blacks, white and Native Americans mixed freely with one another... In fact They all spoke the same language and in most cases intermarried..

This all change when the Americans took possession of Louisiana .. You see...In the American Colonies the mentality of the English was that all People of Black Heritage were considered Chattel and Inferior in nature and were treated as such and there was no such thing as Racial tolerance where as in the French Colonies Blacks were treated as Humans but with limited rights...The behavior of Slaves and Free Persons of Color was governed by the Black Codes ...A set of Laws that governed the behavior and treatment of People of african Descent...




The Creoles Meet with President Lincoln

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Free Creoles of Color meet with the president to lobby for the Abolition of Slavery in America...Un Heard of in an Era when all Blacks were considered inferior






Also Most French Colonies consisted of a 3 tiered Society ..The Whites, The Mulatto, and the Blacks and each group was governed by a specific set of Behaviors ..There was absolutely no comparison to the English Colonial system and that of the Latin french Colony ofLouisiana. It was during the time of Americas occupation of Louisiana that the Creole Culture went through a dramatic and drastic change...From that time to the present the Creole was striped of His Language, His Culture , His Racial identify, His Class status and was relagated to that of the lower Clase..

Whites were forbidden to mix with the Creole and Our property rights, Our limited Freedom and Our right to self Identify was taken away ....Today, Hower many Creoles are beginning to regain their sense of pride and now are self identifying as Creoles because they know that there is a difference and that They are no longer willing to allow someone to declassify them ..Creole Culture has a long History of Achievements and Our Ancestors have always been the First to Make the change that this Society has so desperately needed ..Our Ancestors have pave the way and because of Our Ability to survive as a People We will become even stronger in Our Desire to Preserve Our Culture , History and Pride









Proud to be Creole

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Maintaining Our Creole Identity Very difficult



A Creole Family get together....

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People ...Louisiana's Greatest asset...Our Collage


The Creole Mardi Gras




Creoles meet with President Lincoln


Harper's Weekly article..A European French Creole

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Mr Gilbert Martin

Share the exploits of a Creole Activist

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Mr Terrel Delphin

A Creole Legend and a Great Creole Activist

Maurice M. Martinez, Ph.D. Renaissance Creoleman

Creoles Brought Jazz to Chicago

James "Jimmy" Palao Creole .first Person to Nationalize His Vides

Black in Latin America.. the series

a Tisket a Tasket

A French Quarter Business

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His Web site and Ours

Terrance Simien .. CREOLE for KIDS Click Here

A look at Our Creole past..Click here

Rare Video on Queen Ida

See Also Her Web page

First Mayor of Color in America and Creole


Music / Culture of the Rural Creole

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The Louisiana Chronology .

The Beginning

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Updated ...Creole Chronology




" Creoles" How some of Our Ancestors looked through the ages


Our Multi Racial Creole People ...Click on photo to enlarge


More on the Rural Creole " Dry Wood "

The Diversity of Our Louisiana Creole Language.

40 different dialects in the Caribbean alone

More stories of the

Cane River Creoles


Virginia Johnson Discusses Harlem's Play..." Giselle "

Read more about Her

Mother Henrette Delille

Declared Venerable...The Only Person of Color so nominated for sainthood in North America...More


International Creole Magazine " Worldwide Creole "

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French Missouripart of the purchase

good Music

Lalita Tademy

Antoine Dubuclet

first Post Civil War State Treasurer and Creole

See Also His Web sirte

Cane River National Park

America's Recognition of Our Creole Heritage..for More Click here

The Louisiana Club

of Chicago

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George Joseph Herriman

Creator of Kraz Cat Cartoon character and Creole..

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by Sibil Kein

More good books, books & books

The Creole Jukebox

Enjoy Good Louisiana music

10 People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Black

Good article here

Kate Chopin..

A White Louisiana Creole Speaks out


Dominica's Creole Culture...

Very interesting

The Freedmen's Bureau

a post Civil war geneology research web site


Nannette Jolivette


Louisiana's First Person of Color ...Female Federal Judge ..Of Creole Heritage



Aunt Myrtles Creole Cooking


Our Creole Heritage Flag

...It also includes the International Creole Community World wide


Good old Blues entertainment....Something different


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