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Some People who log on to this web site often complain that they only see "Light Skinned Creoles"and this could infer favoritism towards skin color ,which is, on the contrary... not true...Most of the information that You will find on this Web site comes from articles , stories and newsworthy events ( With Credit given) on the internet,Contributions from Other Creoles, Our own personal family history and quite a bit of inquires and research done by staff here at Frenchcreoles...

Our site is on it's 9th Year on the internet and from day one We have asked Our viewers to send anything of importance of a Creole nature and We will be glad to publish it here on the web site..In the last 9 years We have yet to receive enough information from our Own Creole Community that could be of any value that can be published..Again ,Yes ...Creoles come in all colors...Black, Mixed Race and white..We can only publish what is out there and nothing more..

So please feel free to send Your stories, family photos and information so that we can let the World know just how Diverse and Unique Our Creole heritage can be..

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New Orleans Louisiana.. French Quarters

Letters to the Editor
The Issue of Henriette Delille
Just Who is Black
Creole Heritage center Videos.. very good



Sabrina Le Beauf Creole Actress "The Cosby Show"

Afro Mexicans


African Women of all Mixtures

Learn Creole ... Start with this Link

The Louisiana Creole.

Free People of Color

Louisiana Art and Culture

The Brown Paper Bag Test

Leonard Julien, Sr...

Inventor of the Surgarcane planting machine and of Creole Heritage

Eh, La-Bas!,Creole Fusion


Swirling girl will tell Your Fortune

Click here

St Louis Cemetary New Orleans La...Built by Free People of Color...Creoles

Listen to her History...... click here

The Original Creole Orchestra the First Band to bring Jazz music to America

The History of Jazz in video.. click here

The Queen of sheba ..Learn about this Multi Racial person and see here dolls





The One Drop Rule

Famous White Families with Black Ancestry

Lionel Wilson..First Black M ayor of Oakland Ca and Creole

The Carriere Brothers.

Early .Creole Accordian Musicians

Frenchy's A Huston Tx Creole Chicken Chain Restaurant here
Just what are Creoles mixed with ??
Good Creole Food Recipets from Real Creole here

Archibald John Motley, Jr.Famous Creole American Painter

Spanish, Mulatto , Mestizo...Are they Related ??

History of the Sugar Plantations

The Perseverance Society of New Orleans

Est 1789... by free people of Color

Louis Armstrong's New Orleans

Watch his video

Gwendolyn Midlo Hall

Author of "Africans in Creole Louisiana "

Trace Your Louisiana Genealogy Good start click here
Learn a lot about Your Afro-Creole heritage...very good article
Dark, light, Almost White

The Rural Louisiana Creole..His History, His Music, His Culture..Excellent video

The Founding of New Orleans

Oldest Park American History and of Creole Heritage....


Shibam Yemen

the Manhattan of the desert

Creole Heritage Center in danger of Closing They "URGENTLY" need Your support.. click here

The World of the Creole... Click here

Louisiana Creole Slang

Click on Photo to Enlarge

Leo Africanus

A Man Between Two Worlds

Kay Poursine

of Cajun / French Creole Ancestry ..Click here

Creole Mayor Morial . of New Orleans is inducted into the International.Civil Rights walk of Fame ...Click here
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