Percy “Frenchy” and Sallie Creuzot,

Founders of

Frenchy’s Chicken




Percy “Frenchy” and Sallie Creuzot ...Creoles

Founder's of Frenchy's Chicken

a Huston Texas Favorite


HOUSTON- In 1969, New Orleanian Percy Creuzot, Jr. (known as “Frenchy”) along with wife, Sallie, decided to bring a taste of New Orleans to the Houston Community with the birth of Frenchy’s Po boy, in a small, family-owned storefront on Scott Street, in the vicinity of University of Houston and Texas Southern University. They specialized in their popular Creole hot sausage, shrimp loaf, oyster loaf, and roast beef sandwiches. At that time, there were no other Creole restaurant in Houston, so the opening of their restaurant was exciting and inviting to the people of Houston.

Their main competition at the time was Church’s Chicken, which was directly across the street from them because they offered a two-piece meal deal for only 59 cents. The Creuzots found it extremely hard to just sit by and watch flocks of people  stand in line just to get a cheap meal at their competitor’s establishment. Percy soon realized that Church’s Chicken was on to something by selling a chicken dinner for meager prices and was successful in doing so.

Therefore, he began to also sell chicken dinners. But, once customers began to realize that Frenchy’s sold his “seasoned” chicken dinners for the same price as Church’s regular chicken dinners, business took off. From its humble beginnings, Frenchy’s has grown to become the hometown favorite for millions of customers over the years, with a full Creole-style menu of sides to accompany the famous, Creole seasoned Frenchy’s chicken. To date, retail and restaurant chains, like H.E.B. Grocery Stores and Harlon’s Barbecue, carry and serve Frenchy’s products.

The Creuzots have two children, Percy III and Angele Creuzot.
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Frenchy’s Chicken:

46 years of Creole cuisine in Houston




The distinctive taste of Creole-seasoned cuisine first grabbed Houstonians by the taste buds in 1969 with the opening the original Frenchy’s Po-Boy on Scott Street. Still popular, this hometown favorite celebrated 40 years of providing quality meals and Houston-community care with festivities at two locations in July.

GlennLock Foods, Ltd. (a subsidiary of 3131 Properties, Ltd.), the Frenchy’s exclusive licensee and owner of seven Frenchy’s restaurants, hosted a future-of-the-brand celebration at the Frenchy’s Main Street Grille, 8110 Kirby Drive in Houston.

Family friendly fun was celebrated with live music by the “Young Fellas” brass second line jazz band, Houston Texans and Houston Dynamo cheerleaders, face painting, games, prizes and plenty of Frenchy’s cuisine. The July 3rd party continued with a legacy celebration at the original Frenchy’s, 6102 Scott Street also in Houston.

Frenchy’s founders, Percy “Frenchy” and Sallie Creuzot, are extremely humbled by how Houston has embraced Frenchy’s over the past 40 years. “We are thankful to the Houston community,” said Mrs. Creuzot. “We have been able to maintain our family business and make good friends along the way.” Frenchy’s is an icon in the city for many loyal customers and an undiscovered gem for others yet to experience the flavorful cuisine and new fast-casual restaurants.

GlennLock Foods appreciates being selected by the Creuzots to take the Frenchy’s brand to the next level “We don’t take the Creuzots trust in us lightly,” said GlennLock Foods COO Reginald Coachman. “We are honored to have their [the Creuzots] trust to grow the brand and introduce new concepts like our fast-casual restaurant models that include sit-down restaurants with the standard Frenchy’s menu, a grill menu, bar, large flat screen televisions, and a drive-thru, all-in-one,” he said.

From its humble beginnings as a po-boy sandwich stand, Frenchy’s has grown to become the hometown favorite for millions of customers over the years, with a full Creole-style menu of sides to accompany the famous, Creole seasoned Frenchy’s chicken. Frenchy’s is a strong supporter of the Houston community, annually underwriting many of the city’s nonprofit organizations and programs.

Founded in 1969 by the Creuzot family, Frenchy’s uses the original Creuzot recipes and is one of the most popular Creole cuisine restaurants in Houston and surrounding areas.

The famous, juicy, Creole seasoned chicken accompanied by several Creole sides have Houstonians saying, “Gotta have my Frenchy’s!” GlennLock Foods operates seven Frenchy’s units in Houston and the surrounding areas. The original Scott Street location and the Frenchy’s located inside H-E-B grocery store in Houston continue to be owned and operated by the Creuzot family.

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Blockbuster...We Creoles have always been an Industrial people..Our people are among some of societies elite and have a tendency to really excel because we are survivors ..

.Our people represent some of the finest in every professional fields..We can boast Lawyers, Doctors, Educators, Industrialist, Scientist, Architects, Developers and on and on and on, However in this society with everyones' arms around our necks we still continue to exceed and extremely well .Percy Creuzot, Jr. (known as “Frenchy”) A New Orleans Creole of Color has successfully owned a First Class Reataurant chain for well over 40 years and still continues to produce First class food

We tip Our hats to these very industrious Creoles..

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