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Zydeco and Creole Culture


The History detectives 2010





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The New Orleans Creole on Video 2010

 Stand By Me Through thick and Thin




A Change Is Gonna Come (live)


Everybody's Got 2 Suffer


Michael Jackson They Don't Care About Us

A Real 2 headed Dragon..Of Course mini sized
Tribute to Creole Women

Chanda Mama Song Around The World

Down Home Cajun Swamp Pop

River View Amusement The largest in the World then ...days gone by


Double Dutch Bus


Auto Tune Remix Video of Woman wakes up to find intruder in her bed

Respect Yourself...The Staple Singers
The Trunk Monkey

Build a Mosque next to ground Zero in N.Y. ..are You kidding !!

The Jeffersons and name calling

K C and the sunshine band...That's the way I like it....

Husband beating His Wife caught on video


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