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Tiana.... the African American or Afro Creole ?



Disney's first African-American princess





Finally Disney Studios after 72 years have broken the color barrier by Creating Tiana the African American Princess....As People of Color We should all be proud..

.But, Is She really African American or Afro Creole from New Orleans ??

...Well lets examine the facts..Disney was well aware of the implications of Having a African American be the new reigning Princess yet they chose New Orleans as the background setting... Why.?...This Southern French City in the deep South certainly has a adventuristic past that is befitting a Princess and Prince ...

It's in the deep South where the Aristocratic Southerners certainly fit right into the Euro centric lifestyle that is most becoming of a Princess ..With it's many Bayous and swamps, where else would You find frogs that can display their fitting lifestyle...The Mardi Gras Celebration and the Mystic of the Old French Quarters can only compliment this Mystical World of Princess Tiana ..

The Elegant Homes and Mansions that surround the early French New Orleans downtown area...The setting , I suppose does take place during the Late 19th or early 20th Century which is befitting the time of Most of Disney's characters and much much more..

The next question is just how does this make Her CREOLE?

I have not yet seen the Movie but what caught My eye was that before Her wish came true she was home brewing a pot of Gumbo which Has it's Origin in The New Orleans Creole Culture...secondly...The Home she lived in is a Original Creole shotgun which can found throughout early Louisiana, New Orleans and throughout the Creole Caribbean..

.As You may not be aware During this Period of time New Orleans was a Creole dominated City with more than 80 % of it's Non White inhabitants Mixed Race or Afro Creoles....The Current African American Population of New Orleans has a large Black/African American Population that have migrated to New Orleans from other parts of the South looking for Work .....Though she may be African in Color she is not completely Black nor does She have many African Features or Hair .

..I would suspect that this was done by Disney to include all of Americas Black population regardless of Complexion . Creoles , that is a great majority, are fair skinned, Afro Creoles share the same ideals and Culture as their Light Skinned brothers and Sisters...

.In my Opinion I do not detect an African American Life style or Culture but that of a Louisiana Afro Creole

...Even though this is Animation at it's finest ,It clearly shows someone from New Orleans who acts and shares a Creole New Orleans Culture...It's up to the individual to deciper and desciminate the information before Him but in every sense of the word she is an Afro Creole...














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