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As We continue to pursue Our quest for Creole identity and Our Cultural History We are beginning to discover many similarities between Creole and Mulatto history and We continue to explore more and more of Our past is beginning to appear...In addition to Creole things many subjects of interest will continue to be posted

Letters to the Editor
The Issue of Henriette Delille
Just Who is Black
Creole Heritage center Videos.. very good What is a Creole

The Creole Genisis

antiquity to Present

Creole Cabinet makers Rediscovered


A stroll down memory Lane with Jet Magazine
First Mayor of Color in United States
Donaldsonville, La.

First ever batallion of Free People of Color in the U.S. Army

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St. Katharine Drexel

Peter Bocage

Emeline Michel

Haitian Creole Singer

Etienne de Boré , "The First Mayor of New Orleans"

Alcee Labat

Early Civil Rights Leader and Free Person of Color (Creole)

Fulgencio Batista The Creole President of Cuba

Early Creole Roots from Antiquity

Laila Ali, Daughter of Mohammad Ali and of Creole Heritage

Daniel Desdunes and More ( 19th Century Creole Activist )

Institute Catholique

first school in the U. S to offer a free education to African-American children

Goree Island

Where Slavery in America All Begun... Watch the Videos very good

The Louisiana culinary Trail

Good Web site click here

Joséphine de Beauharnais

1st wife of Napolean Bonaparte ....Click here

the longest acting President of an American university

Flag Page Link

Our New Creole Heritage Flag Makes it's Debut Click here

Discovered ..Creole discovers her Roots


from Sierra Leone

Orleans, France

Our City's namesake


Boozoo Chavis

Great Creole Zydeco Performer click here

French Quarter Paintings

Benito Juarez

President of Mexico and friend of the Creoles

St Augustine Catholic Church...Oldest Catholic Church in America built by People of African descent "Creoles"

Florence Ballard Original Member of the Supremes and of Creole Heritage.... Click Here for video

Louisiana Museums

Marie Laveau

free Person of Color and Creole .Click here

Growing up Creole Click here
A Free Woman of Color Historic New Orleans Collections
A Tribute to Michael Jackson..Click here for one of his better videos
Famous Mulatto Pirate.... click here
All You need to know about...Spanish

Tracie Spencer

"A Creole Recording Artists"

The Octoroon

CNN Anchor Woman
A Good video on Cajun Pride, Maby We Creoles can Learn something.. Click here
Jean Toomer Famous Poet of Creole Heritage

Jeanne Duval

Haitian French Creole



a Portugese Slave colony on the West African Coast

Mulatto Nation

Good Mulatto web site...Click Here

The Lumbees and the Klan

See how they frightened the Clan and are they Indians or Mulattoes ?? click here

Vilayna Lasalle

the most beautiful black woman in the world ..of Creole Heritage

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