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There has been a lot of talk about Louisiana lately, but no matter how You look at it, Louisiana, is By far the most Unique of all the 50 states .

..Louisiana from the beginning of it's inception was never a part of the Original English speaking colonies..It was founded by French Canadians and Was colonized by many different ethnic People of the French territories from the very beginning..The Creoles, Cajuns, The Free People of Color , the African, ( free and Slaves) Haitians, Spanish, Caribbean Pirates, People from many of the French Speaking Islands of the Caribbean and Of course Indians from Many Tribes Who originally inhabited the territory..Jst to name a few..

With these different Ethnics came their unique foods, Languages, Cultures and way of life...Louisiana is the only State in the Union where this was even possible..The Climate and enviornment was Harsh, it's swamps, and the continuing flooding played a major role in slowing it's infant growth but through it all developed a hearty group of determined People..

No where else in America can You find Americans who speak a foreign Language (a French based ) and have been doing so for over 250 years, All like and eat the same food no mater what their Racial or Ethnic heritage..Where else can You go in America where it's inhabitants Celebrate the Madi Gras as a State Holiday, It's Counties are divided into Parishes, It still practices Law under the Old Napoleon Legal system , Many of It citizens are devoute Catholics, and where it's State has an Abundance of Natural Resources ( Forestry, Petroleun, Swamps ) just to name a few..

It's People by far are the most diverse of Any in the 50 States..After the Purchase by America many, many more began to settle there..The Germans, Italians, Irish , Caribbean People and many more came to add to the Existing melting Pot.. .Among other things it is one o f the most visited places in the USA ..People world wide come to Louisiana to see it's unique Culture, It's People and it's State ..It is one of 2 Caribbean Cities that exist in the U.S. and It's Carribean City lifestyle is only found Here..Many Creoles still reside in Louisiana despite Huricane Katrina and there are Many of it's People that are returning to Louisiana....Despite it's past Racist policies that have forced many of it's People to leave It is still, bar none, one of the most diverse and unique City in America


Augustine / Comeaux






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Maintaining Our Creole Identity ......is Very difficult



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People ...Louisiana's Greatest asset...Our Collage


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Lisa Haley

Cajun / Zydeco performer..Click here...See The Video

Are They Really " Black "

Click Here

Leah Chase

Honored with a Cooking Museum

The Zouk Dance

.A Creole Caribbean Dance

Zydeco Joe

a Popular Zydeco Performer

Rita Montaner

: A Cuban Singer and National Hero of Creole Ancestry..More click here

Creole Weddings Our Religious Heritage

The American Indian..a Photo Tribute..Part of Our Creole Heritage

The Creole City of Opelousas La ...Click Here for More


named world's most beautiful woman

Lawerence L Lombard

A Creole honored for his Civic Contributions source..

Hadley Castille..

A Great Cajun Fiddler..Watch the video


Music / Culture of the Rural Creole

watch the Video

Halsted Street Chicago IL

Where Many Creoles Migrated ...Good video

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Updated ...Creole Chronology



Our Goal is to, some day soon, have Our own Creole Museum and Cultural Center where the Creole Language can be taught, Creoles throughout the America and World wide can get together and the World can learn More about Our Rich Creole Culture and People ..Let Us know Your thoughts.....Click Here



Olivier's Creole restaurant

In the Heart of The French Quarters

Our Reunion Creole Cousins

and their Traditional dances ...Watch the video

Just Why do angry Africans Americans resent Creoles?

More ...on this Blog


Proud of My Creole Music

by Shannon Boutte

Harpers Weekly.

A good Historic Publication

Worldwide forms of Creole Music ..The Creole Clarinet

the many forms of Creole Dances & Music


Creoles and How some of Our Ancestors looked through the ages


Peter A Sarpy of Creole Heritage

Named after ."Sarpy County, Nebraska " Ancestor of Henriette Delille ..More

Chicago, Illinois.

Settled by Creoles

..Chicago's 1st Citizen

More stories of the

Cane River Creoles

Mary Seacole

A Free Jamaican Creole

More on Her life

Mother Henrette Delille

Declared Venerable...The Only Person of Color so nominated for sainthood in North America...More

The Lafon Nursing Facility

Oldest Nursing Facility in the U.S. founded by Creoles . more on the Founder

Just Where Do Creoles come from ??

Our Genesis

Kenny Landreaux

a Famous Creole Baseball Player

Lionel Ferbos

at 101 Years of age the Oldest jazz musician in the world and Creole

Early Creole of Color Homes of New Orleans


Auguste Chouteau

Founder of St Louis Missouri

A Tast of New Orleans

Wanda Rauzan popular Creole entertainer ..More

The Creole Jukebox

Enjoy Good Louisiana music


If You Live in the Louisiana Purchase Area..Thank a Creole.

..Our Treaty Rights

James Trotter

the first man of color to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant in the US Army.

The Louisiana Native Guard

The First non White Soldiers in the Civil War and Creoles

Natasha Trethewey

the 19th Poet Laureate of the U S and of Creole Heritage

Fred La Cour

Popular Creole Basketball Player

more...READ ON

Nannette Jolivette Brown Louisiana's First Person of Color ...Female Federal Judge ..Of Creole Heritage



The Louisiana Purchase Treaty

The Real Reason behind the Louisiana Purchase Treaty... Napoleon never intended to be bound by it's articles..He purposely devised his very own Trojan horse thus causingThis treaty to null and void

See Also Article III ..........click here for more

Our Creole Heritage Flag

...It also includes the International Creole Community World wide



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