Authentic Creole History Videos on Free People of Color



"When a society or a civilization perishes,one condition can always be found.They forgot where they came from."

Carl Sandburg


PBS The History Detectives...Creole Manuscripts




Stepping back in Creole History


From time to time things suddenly appear out of now where to slap You right between the Eyes..

Our Creole ancestors who , during the Antebellum Period in Louisiana were somehow able to preserve their Culture and works for Future generations to hold ,so they would never forget their history and Culture .

Somehow We were able to stumble across these videos that vividly show the unbelievable work these Men of Color were able to do during a time when most People of Color were in bondage...We are bringing this to You so that Our History and Culture can never be forgotten and preserved for future Generations of Creoles











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