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Creole Culture Photo Collage

On this Page We have created a Video Collage that depics the History and experience of the Louisiana Creole

Disable Video player above before clicking on videos


Source...KCET Mosaic Creole

A video Interview and discussion on the Louisiana Creole outward migration to Los Angeles California


The New Orleans Creole Experience





A LA Creole ..
...More, more, more ....Click here


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  Tommy Thompson Gallery



Louisiana / Creole Jazz Musicians






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.Joe King Oliver
Fats Pichon


Zydeco/Cajun Music Videos


Really neat Cajun.. Zydeco and Louisiana Music videos for your listening pleasure..Compliments of Youtube.com..The Internet Video web site


Kid Ory's Creole Band.. video
Bois Sec & Canray
Larry "Bubba" Frey with master fiddler Harry Lafleur.

Swamp Pop Sound.....part 1..Part.2.

Canray Fontenot.Bois Sec Ardoin


Harry Lafleur.. video
zydeco Dancing 9

Zydeco Dancing

Click on photo and here



Louisiana Zydeco Dance Videos...Click on photo and here





Creole Heritage Center Video on Creole Culture
The Creole Heritage Jazz Presentation



Bonne Musique Zydeco


Video 1... Video 2

.Boozoo chavis

video 1..... Video 2

C.J. Chenier..




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New Orleans Jazz
One of the first Jazz Musicians

Cajun Music

Cajun Music
the Cajun Accordian ..Click here



The History of swamp Pop Music..Click here

Creole Music

Mo Belle Creole
Moise and Alida Viator

New Orleans
Swamp Pop Remembering Eddie Shuler..

Blues Legend
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Passed Away

View the Video

Swamp Pop..view the Video

Wynton Marsalis