Marion I. Ferreira

Creole Activist and Promoter of Creole Culture









Mrs. Marion I. Ferreira, who resides in Los Angeles, California, was born in Lake Charles, LA on January 24, 1926, and is a proud Creole descendant of the legendary Metoyer/Dupres of Cane River, LA on her mother’s side of the family, and a descendant of the Olivier/Decuir/Ferdinand families of New Iberia/St. Martinville areas on her father’s side of his family.

Mrs. Ferreira is a graduate of California State Dominguez Hills University with a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and a Minor in Teaching Adults to Learn.




For the past 23 years, Mrs. Ferreira has devoted her life to saving the Creole Culture through research, internet outreach, attending all Creole Heritage Events and sponsoring Creole events in order to promote the gathering of Creoles together to honor
their unique culture




She started out in 1983 by sponsoring the First Family Reunion of the Metoyer/Cane River Descendants living in Los Angeles, CA and immediate vicinities.

There were 200 members present at the Reunion which lasted three days, culminating with a Special
Mass on Sunday, officiated by a French priest from Canada, Father Seymour, and a Creole-American priest, Father Fisher Robinson, native of Lafayette, LA. Mrs. Ferreira’s e-mail address is

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