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If You were to ask most Americans just what is a Creole many would not know what to tell You...The Fact is that Creoles were introduced in the Americas' long before The establishment of the United States of America. Many Creoles and their Ancestors can be considered colonizers as Many Accompanied the Early Spanish as conquistadors and Explorers. Even before Our Creole Culture was established in Louisiana, Creole People inhabited many parts of the New World..

Our Roots developed and grew along the slave trading Post of West Africa.. Even before this Our beginnings paralled that of The Nubians of Africa who predate the Egyptians. Race Mixing has been around since the dawn of Civilization and continues to this day, So We, Our People and Culture is nothing new...What makes Us so unfamiliar and Mysterious is that the deeds and the Habits of Our Ancestors in most cases have been kept in the dark because of Cultural taboos practiced by many Societies in the World..

Race Mixing Created the Mestizo Culture of the New World, representing well over 200 million people, so what then would Make Our Creole Heritage so different ?? Race Mixing , in fact , has created most, if not all Civilizations as We know them today...Many Creoles can trace their Ancestry back to France, England, West Africa, the Caribbean etc. etc. which imply's that Our roots and origins vary like the colors of the rainbow..



For some one or some Race to place You in a monogamous Society does not make sense ...Blacks don't want Us to honor Our White side as they see it as a Denial of Our Blackness..Whites don't want Us to acknowledge Our European side as they are not willing to admit their Role in Fathering Their Mixed Race offsprings..Remember..It was the White side that fathered Us but was unwilling to admit or stand up to accept Us as Their Society would be the first to condemn Him.

Since the beginning of this Creole Web site, in 2002, We have discovered that Our Creole Culture and Our Creole People exist not only in the New World but in Many regions of Africa, On islands off the coast of Africa, In the Indian Ocean, South America and The Caribbean, just to name a few places... Many Creole Cultures have been absorbed into the Nation in which they reside .. But Creole People will never deny their Origins.




Culture can be defines as " shared beliefs and values of a specific group".... the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior of a particular nation or people..

If This is well acknowledged, then Creoles, Who Have their own Language, Place of Origin, Customs, Their Unique Foods and share their own values and Easily recognize each other as belonging to a particular Social Class certainly can be identified as a separate People ..




All in All, it is undeniable that We are a group of People that recognize each other as belonging to one another and are willing to do what ever it takes to keep Our Culture and Heritage alive..Mr Terrel Dalphine once said that The Creole Culture is too Rich with History and Culture to let it disappear..

Over the Last 100 years Our Precious Creole Culture and Heritage has been in danger of Disappearing...The State of Louisiana with it's Post Civil War Racist Policies, The American Government with it's Blatant disregard of it's 1803 Louisiana Purchase Agreement and it's Racial policies and with many in the Black and White communities who fail to acknowledge Our Culture and Heritage, all have contributed to the Demise of Our Culture..

.Creoles on the other hand are not faultless ..Because so many of Us have lived with the One Drop Rule for so long We have begun to forget that Our Culture is indeed different and should be Preserved.. We here at FrenchCreoles.Com are dedicated to Preserving Our Heritage the best way We can We are providing on this page information on Other Creole Organizations that share Our Own views on preserving Our Creole addition there are some links that we want to share with You for a Broader understanding of Our Creole Heritage

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