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The Re-awakening of Our Creole Culture is bringing together More and More of America's Creole Population and to keep that happening We here at will continue to present the stories and events that are Important in the History of Our Creole Heritage and also that others will learn more about Creoles and their Culture

..Again..We want to reafirm that Creoles come in all colors and that This Web site is not meant to exclude any Creoles of Color whether they be Black White or Mixed Race...We encourage other Creoles to step forward and offer any photos, Stories or things that would be of importance so the the World can see that all Creoles regardless of Complexion stand together as one




Whats going on in the Creole Community and More History





Archibald J. Motley, Jr. .....Blues, 1929 ...A Creole Painter



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Armadie Ardoin....Early Creole Pioneer of Zydeco Music

Carnaval in RIO must see

Alexandre Dumas Famous Frenchcreole writer

Gumbo Filé and Filé Powder .... taught to the Creoles by the Choctow Indians.... Click here for more

Madam Ophelia DeVore.... First Model of Color in America & Creole

The Louisiana Choctaw Indian ..Part of Our Heritage

Michael Augustine Healy.....Captain a Proud Mulatto and Hero

The Brass Ankles..another mixed Race People
The Early Years of Jamestown and the Atlantic Creoles
More Good Videos All types

The Tragic Mulatto...Take a trip to their Museum ...Read more here

The 7th Ward.. New Orleans La ..The Heart of Creole Country
The Creole.. The Industrious People

Bhairavi Goswami.. East Indian Model of Creole Heritage

Arthur Bedou Creole Photographer


Solar Eclypse

Justice Revius Ortigue Jr

a Creole State Supreme Court Judge

Neal F Simeon..Famous Educator of Creole Heritage

Jules Lion

One of Americas' First Photographers and Creole

Alphonse Picou

The First Jazz Clarinetist & CReole

Red Scarf..Laurel

the Creole..A Fine oil Painting..View more

Sybil Kein

Creole Poet Author and Activist

The Plaçage

the relationship btwn the Creole of Color and the European

The African House the only known house of African Design inthe U.S. By Creoles

Kelli Terrell Temple

Baton Rouge City Court Judge and a Cane River Creole

The French Quarters Vieux Carré

New Orleans La ....Built by the Creoles of Color

Lurita Alexis Doan

' Former General Services Administration chief

Zydeco Joe

A Creole Zydeco Artist

Genetic Variations

among People of Color

History of the Creole Wild West

Madi Gras Indians

the Creole Nature Trail



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