Preserving the Creole Language through it's "Music"







the Music of the Rural Louisiana Creoles in most cases is sung in the Louisiana Creole Language...Though Our Creole Heritage originated in and around New Orleans the Great majority of Creoles that continue to speak Louisiana Creole reside is the Southwest part of the state and still continue to live and enjoy their Creole Culture ..



a Good Creole Lullaby spoken at the end of the video  





Our Creole Language will stand the test of Time

Calling Yourself Creole is not just what it's all about...In Louisiana it is a Culture and way of Life...Some say that It is a Dying Culture but that is far from the truth...Yes! it's true many Creoles no longer speak their Native Louisiana Creole Language but there are many Rural Creoles that still Cling to their language through the Music they enjoy...Creole Music can be Folk, Country Ethnic and Cultural ..

.Here are just a few videos where the Creole Language is spoken through music and Cultural entretainment...Our Culture/ History well over 1000 Years Old, is strong and it will last as long as Humanity and though Our language may not be as Strong as before the invasion of the Americans into the Territory of "French Speaking Louisiana", It still stands the test of time and through Our Music It will survive, as Long as there is a Creole Culture





My Toot Toot ....Creole Favorite












Eh La Bas
Clifton Chenier ...The King of Zydeco



More Cultural Videos




More Videos ...Beau Jocque .. Click here





Creole Country





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