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The New Orleans Creole On Video

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A Very Good set of Videos on Good Creole Culture, New Orleans style



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Must see Videos on The Louisiana Creole

These series of Videos portray Creoles and their Culture in it's Entirety..Althougt it potrays the New Orleans Creoles in Particular it Represents all Creoles throughout America...We Creoles consider Louisiana Our Ancestral Home with New Orleans the very Heart of Our Creole Culture..

Even though many of Us have moved on to other Parts of America Our Hearts remain in Louisiana and one day We will once again began to unite as a People and Continue in the foot steps of Our Ancestors..Whether We live in Chicago, Los Angeles,Texas , California or New York We All have one thing in common, A Creole Heritage and Culture..Though We were All not Raised in New Orleans We share many if not the same Cultural experiences wherever We go..


Too White to be Black Too Black to be White... The Series....Part 1













Part 5 .................AND THE BEAT GOES ON


For all You people that think that Creoles want to be different now You can see and hear that it makes no difference..though We are Multi Racial We are Black as well non the Less we stand together as One..

My Family left for Chicago because Louisiana Failed to provide equal rights to all it's citizens..I've experienced similar Treatment but Our Family's flight from this sort of Racism catapulted Us Creoles into different and better things but Oh how We Miss Our Louisiana Creole People 





Miss Puerto Rico / Miss Universe
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