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Just what is this thing called Race?..Most generally, it seems to be used to placate ones belief that White is better than Black, Red, Yellow and Brown ( as We may want to define the Colors of Mandkind )....But in most cases it is used to demonstrate Racial Superiority

...For Example...John Audobon... the Great ornithologist, naturalist, and writer.The Founder of the Audobon Society ,The Name that bears that famous High speed German Highway, and the one has done so much to promote and preserve our natural enviornment is in Fact a Mixed Race Creole..

John Audubon
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It can be well presumed that his mixed race background was Well known by many, but, because of his Stature, His White appearence and his many contributions He was been looked upon as being "White"...If you would apply the" One drop theory" to him, then certainly he Would Not Be White..

.This has not happened, because, it would certainly discredit the "One drop Theory and by far would give People of mixed race heritage , the Self Esteem and honor they Truly deserve..But society is not ready to bestow such honors upon People of color.....

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California which can boast the Earliest Civil settlements in America had the distinction of having most of its' pueblos settled, not by Mexican People , But by Mixed Race Mulattos...( Los Angeles , San Jose, San Francisco, just to name a Few...

At the time these pueblos were settled...Mexico as a Independent Country did not exist..Its small population boasted a Mulatto population Population of more than 30%...As you can see Giving Credit to Mixed race people would Discredit White America and The Mestizos of Mexico...

The Louisiand Purchase Treaty which Increased the size of America by more than 30% explicitely dictated in its irrovocable clauses that Its Inhabitants...(All.... Black and White) were to enjoy the same rights and priveliges as All Americans...But that never happened...And the list goes on and on and on..

It appears that Mixed Race People are being used to further the theory of White Racial Superiorty....Lets face it...We're all here together and we all have given our share to make America what it is today.It's unfortunant that We have To continue to prove that We do Exist, when we have given so much..

Augustine/Comeaux.... Creole and Web Site producer








Now Lets take the Issue of Henriette Delille.... who hasbeen nominated for Sainthood by the Catholic Church, but, will be designated as an African American...This woman does not look like an African-American ,and she was not raised as one..In Fact she was raised as a Octoroon...

A Free Creole of Color, who spoke French and Belonged to the Creole Culture, She was a Free woman of color, A CREOLE, and at the time of her existance there was a three tiered Racial Society...White, Black and Mulatto...The ladder jusr recently dropped within the last fifty years because of the" One drop theory" ...

In fact this word African American did not even exist until the beginning of the 1960s' It is not to say that We are not part Black but We Are Creoles First and We all share strong Cultural Ties...It is for this reason that We do not want to loose our Cultural identity ...African Americans,Whites, Latin Americans, Asians,American Indians Etc, Etc, Et ,maintain their own Cultural and Racial identities, Why not Our Creole People,

Hey Everybody.......... Lets stop this Cultural Genocide..


For the last 200 years or so We Louisiana French creoles have gotten the Royal Screwing from Your American Government ...Click here



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