Veronica Porsche Ali
Former Wife of Muhammad Ali





Veronica Porsche Ali

(now Veronica Porsche Anderson)


She was the third wife of American boxer Muhammad Ali, and the mother of actress and professional boxer Laila Ali. She later married Jesus Christ Superstar singer and actor Carl Anderson, who passed away in 2004. She was born in Louisiana, but grew up in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles. She attended Holy Rosary catholic boarding school in Lafayette, Louisiana and graduated from Belmont High School in 1973, where she was crowned the Homecoming Queen that year. Her brother, Anthony Porche, was a star football and track & field athlete at Belmont High School.

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Ali and Porsche began a relationship while he was still married to his second wife, Khalilah 'Belinda' Ali. Porsche was one of the four poster girls who had promoted the Rumble in the Jungle fight in Zaire versus George Foreman. Porsche and Ali were married in the summer of 1977. At the time they were married, they had a 10-month-old daughter, Hana, and Porsche was three months pregnant with their second child. They had just these two children before divorcing in July 1986.

Their oldest daughter, Hana Ali, is an author who today lives near her father in Michigan. Their youngest daughter, Laila Ali, is a professional boxer.
Prior to meeting Ali, she spelled her last name Porche. As her fame grew, and she began to have contact with reporters and other media, she began to tell them that her name was spelled "like the sports car". This, of course, led to people spelling her name — Porsche — like the sports car. Her name appears on documents using both spellings.

Reportedly, she favors the style and sophistication of the Porsche spelling; and for that particular reason, she sometimes uses the spelling "Verónica" for her first name.
She had some limited experience as an actress. She played a tour guide, Ranger Emily, in the 1986 film Terror on Alcatraz. She appeared as herself in a made-for-TV documentary, Intimate Portrait: Laila Ali (2001) (TV).
In the movie, Ali starring Will Smith, the role of Veronica Porsche Ali was played by Michael Michele.

Veronica Porsche Ali


Veronica Porche






Carl Anderson (? - 23 February 2004)
Muhammad Ali (19 June 1977 - July 1986)


Laila Ali Their Daughter

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