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Do Creoles of Color speak Cajun French Creole French or French ??

Most Generally Creoles live throughout the State of Louisiana as well as all parts of the U.S. Very few New Orleans Creoles Continue to speak their Native Creole Language..

In the Rural Parishes Many not only Speak Creole French but Cajun French as well..Many Creoles have moved on to other places so the Culture and Language Suffers

The Creole Octoroons
The Rural Louisiana Creole People

to most Creoles New Orleans May be Our ancestoral Home but by far most of Louisianas Creoles of Color reside mainly in the rural areas of Louisiana, Specifically in the Southern part of the State.

.For over 300 years they have been Native to the land and they peacefully co exist with their French Cajun and Native American Neighbors.More needs to be known about Our Rural Cousins

Where can Creoles be found ??

Creoles can be found throughout the U.S.It is estimated that there are over 3 to 5 million Creoles residing in the U.S.

Although many have married into the African American Community they still hold very dearly to their Ancestoral ties and maintain their Culture and Identification..There are also over 20 million Creoles Worldwide

World famouse Creole Crusine
The Creole influence on Louisiana's Architecture



What's going on with Creole Culture ! ! .......November 2011

News From Creole Country





Creoles are tired

of Louisiana identifying everything Cajun instead of Creole and Cajun

History flows through the Faubourg St. John neighborhood



How to make a good Gumgo File






How to make a Roux Creole / Cajun style Gravy



Xavier University is founded










Storyville, New Orleans' red-light district




New Orleans goes bananas



Free People of Color Courtesy........ Nola.Com ..Click to read text




















































Zydeco/Cajun Music Videos






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A LA Creole ..
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