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Louisiana Cajuns

are indirectly helping to keep Our Creole Culture Alive





Our Louisiana Cajun Neighbors are promoting Creole Culture



The Louisiana Cajun ..A little on their History

The Acadians were French settlers of eastern Canada who were exiled from their lands in the 1750's.. The Cajuns are their descendants  who settled in Louisiana. Today,thousands of Acadian-Cajun  descendants cherish their rich  legacy of history, culture, & genealogy



Are The Louisiana Cajuns Stealing or helping to preserve Our Louisiana Culture ??



For a long time many of Us Creoles have stood by and watched the Louisiana Cajun take Credit for many of Our Exclusive Cultural characteristics and values...In a sense there is much truth to this accusation., However on the other hand much of Our Heritage claimed by the Cajuns have helped preserve Our Rich Culture..

As You can see from the History of the Louisiana Cajun, they have lived with and freely mingled with the Louisiana Creole for well over 250 years, although, in many cases it was not permitted...In fact both the Louisiana Creole and Cajun have much in Common..Cajuns have mixed with the Creoles, They have lived and associated with one another, spoke the same language, at times, and together helped develope Louisiana's Unique French Culture.....Many of Us Creoles have Cajun Sur names and many of Our Culinary appetites are similar if not the same...At one time in the History of Louisiana The Cajun was looked down upon and was never given the Credit they deserved..


Joseph Broussard ("Beausoleil"). Artist Herb Roe


Now in order for the State of Louisiana to attract Tourism, the States number one economy, especially New Orleans, the Cajuns have again been brought to the forefront as the preservers of Louisiana French Culture..There are many long established Cajun companies that Promote Creoles and their Cooking....The Racist policies of the White governing Societies of Louisiana, to date, does not accept nor recognize The Creole of Color in Louisiana as a Legitimate ethnic People and continue to identify Creoles and Our Culture as African American..

In a great sense Our own Creole Community itself does little to promote their Rich Creole Heritage and Culture ..I strongly believe that many Creoles are afraid to promote their Culture from fear of overt Hostilities from the African American Community...It is this complicated situation that is in many ways putting Our Creole Culture on Ice..



Of course We Creoles need to stand up for Ourselves and Fight for Our Culture and Rights..In many cases The Cajuns have been able to preserve their Rich Culture and Language because they were isolated for so long...It was not till the discovery of Oil and the extensive road building of the 1920's that the Cajuns were able to come out of isolationism... Now everything is Cajun and Very little is Creole...

We Creoles have sat on Our asses and allowed this to happed, However, there is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel...Many Creoles are now starting to Recoginize that We are a Unique People and Our Culture Must be preserved...Many creole Orginazitions are springing up ane we are starting to take notice...Thank You Our Cajun Neighbors for promoting Our creole Culture just renmember that We are different and that what is Cajun is Cajun and what is Creole is Creole


Augustine/ Comeaux




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