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Early Creole Languages


Colonial Era French Creoles

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The Gullah Language



The Senegal Lauguage with Creole Roots

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The Americanization

of the Louisiana Creole Language



Our Language!

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The Creole Language

There are 3 basic French Language types spoken in Louisiana





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Louisiana... Afro/Creoleck

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Three Generations,

Two Languages

The Civil War and Reconstruction accelerated the process of Americanization and drove Creole and French languages and cultures into increasing isolation. Public schools, temporarily integrated by the Constitution of 1868, outlawed the use of French in the classroom.

The constitution also required that all court and municipal records be recorded in English. As a new generation learned to read and write in English, the use of French and Creole became more family-based - spoken at home with parents and grandparents but not in public.

The three generations shown here illustrate the process. The grandmother probably spoke only Creole, the mother both Creole and English, and the boy only English. The Haitian immigration had slowed, but not stopped, the Americanization process. It had also left a profound mark on the political, cultural, artistic, religious, and social life of the state.

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Three generations of Louisiana negroes; Grandmother can only talk Creole French; mother talks French and English; boy only talks English.


The Negro in the New World / by Sir Harry H. Johnston ; with one illustration in colour by the author and 390 black and white illustrations by the author and others ; maps by Mr. J. W. Addison.


Johnston, Harry Hamilton, Sir (1858-1927) - Author


General Research and Reference Division, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture


African American families






Children - Louisiana




Family - Louisiana


French Language


Haitian Migration


The New Your Public Library


Louisiana... Afro/Creoleck

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