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A Novel of Cane River



Author ... Steven Page




A Cane River Novel

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A Novel of Cane River

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A Novel of Cane River

Author Steven Page

                                                             Genre: Eco-Thriller

CADAVER RIVER: A Novel of Cane River (2011, 162 pgs., ISBN -13  978-1461101925) is the first in a series of novels featuring Dr. Marie LaCour, a beautiful Creole zoologist in Cane River, La. who has dedicated her life to saving endangered American crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus).

Trying to forget a tragic childhood accident, she throws her energies into running her Crocodile Habitat that is timed to open at the start of Cane Fest, the end-of-summer festival in Natchitoches. But the mutilated human bodies that are piling up throw a wrench into her plans, as frightened residents naturally finger her large toothy reptiles as the culprit.
With the help of heartthrob journalist Grant Metoyer, Marie bypasses the bungled investigation of Lt. Frank Sarpy of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Department and does a little snooping of her own. She soon finds that the ghosts of the past can stir restlessly and return to haunt...

Soon Marie and Grant find themselves targeted by both Lt. Sarpy and a gigantic garfish, a drawing noose that they avoid only by becoming as close as lovers. At the explosive climax, Marie's life is again deeply altered, and she discovers that the harrowing experiences have strengthened her will to live and love again.

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Autho Bio

Steven ...Page Author


Raised in Cane River, Louisiana, R. Steven Page studied journalism at the University of New Orleans. He had hawked stocks and bonds, crewed ships in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, worked as a bodyguard, a nightclub promoter, and other rackets that shall remain unindicted co-conspirators.

Now hanging his hat in Seattle, he spends his time blogging (, penning the latest Cane River novel, and grilling up free range possum.





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