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Musee Rosette Rochon

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"Creole cottage/ museum"






The Musee Rosette Rochon Home


an early antebellum home built for

a free Person of Color business woman





A) We Creoles have always wanted a separate identity as well as be respected and remembered as a people! Well! There are some people out there that want to make this happen. The "Musee Rosette Rochon" cottage, when completely Renovated, will be the 1st of its kind to honor creoles and their accomplishments!


It is now up to each and every one of us to make this happen! We talk about "Creole" pride so now is our chance to help make this creole museum become a reality. SO GET OUT! And draw up support for this endeavor! Please give these great people a hand by supporting this project with your donations or physical support.


(B) The Musee Rosette Rochon is an early antebellum home built for a free businesswoman of color who amassed wealth and lived to the age of one hundred. It is also one of the most important early examples in New Orleans of architecture transitional between Creole and American styles and has many remarkable details.

As project director, I am seeking to develop the building as a historic house museum on a par with local attractions such as the Hermann-Grima and Gallier houses. Right now, New Orleans has nothing of the kind representative of the city's antembellum free black population, which was by far the wealthiest in the United States.



The Rochon project, a non-profit foundation, has attracted the attention of the preservation Resource Center of New Orleans, garnered some help from the federal government and the State of Louisiana to stabilize the building, and attracted attention of both Tulane and Xavier universities.

The Master of Preservation Studies Program of the Tulane School of Architecture documented the site for the Historic American Buildings Survey and won an ward in the process.

Xavier Archives mounted an exhibit on the subject that became one of its longest running and best attended. Now, to move forward, the museum requires further repairs, research, and restoration, the acquisition of furnishings, and the development of exhibits. In the case of the now-fragile rear faceade, there is some urgency involved. Please read the enclosed materials about the Musee.

You will see its uniqueness and its importance to the history of women, people of African descent, Creoles, the francophone world, business, race relations, New Orleans, the state, the region, and, even, the nation. I believe that you will find it most worthy of support. On behalf of the project, may I please receive any forms or other materials relative to formally requesting support? Thank You.


Send all inquiries, donations, and offer of support to:
Don G. Richmond "Director"
Musee Rosette Rochon
1515 Pauger Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
(504) 947-7673

or email to:


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