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Attention All French Creoles:


Louisiana Purchase Treaty

Footnote...Although the Author has passed away his Ideas were ahead of his Time and Hopefully they will not be forgotten..It will come a day whene someone will continue to challange the American Government on The persuit of Our Creole Rights

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Now we're down to the nitty-gritty. The bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase is rapidly approaching. Many of you have shown great concern about the preservation of our cultural heritage. Obviously, for many reasons, neither the federal government nor the state of Louisiana intends to include us in the celebrations. Therefore it's up to us to make a little noise.

This is why I'm asking you to participate in my New Strategy, which I call ...CAMPAIGN NITTY-GRITTY.

This New Strategy is called CAMPAIGN NITTY-GRITTY because it replaces volumes of legal jargon and/or confusion and, and uses only three simple questions to bring the crux of our legitimate concerns-down to the nitty-gritty.

All it calls for is the asking of the right people the three simple questions described below and, demanding the answers. The answers to these questions shall become the driving force behind our demands for respect, recognition, reparations, and restoration.

The answers given below are to be decided by respondent as directed.

1. (S) Article III of the Louisiana Purchase state:


The inhabitants of the ceded territory shall be incorporated in the Union of the United States, and admitted as soon as possible, advantages, and immunities, of citizens of the United States: and in the meantime, they shall be maintained and protected in the free enjoyment of their liberty, property, and the religion which they profess.

When the U.S. took possession of the territory on December 20, 1803,thousands of inhabitants of color had already been there for generations.

2. Q) In your opinion, based upon face value, and relating to the inhabitants of color, did the United States comply with the above mentioned Article III? Check only one of the following boxes. If (IB) is your answer proceed no further but please explain.( ) (IA) No it did not. ( ) (IB) Yes it did.

3. (Q) Since the United States failed to comply with article III, thereby breaching the treaty, now, please tell me exactly, does legal documentation exist which gives the United States unconditional jurisdiction over us - the descendants of the inhabitants of color who occupied the Louisiana Territory prior to the Louisiana Purchase?( ) (2A) No! ( ) (2B) Yes!

4. If you checked (2B) above please tell me, where and/or how might we might obtain a copy of such documentation?NOTE:

These three questions and their answers shall be the driving forces behind our demands for Creole treaty rights. Your failure to respond within thirty (30) days shall be construed as an affirmative response to the answers (1A) & (2A) above.INSTRUCTIONS & COMMENTS
(S)=Statement. (Q)= Answer. (A) =Answer

You may copy 1,2,3 above and the note to send to politicians, civic and civil rights organizations, lawyers, judges, law professors, and others. Simply credit the source of this information to Gilbert E. Martin of the International French-Creole Cultural Society. You may also add pertinent questions that you would like to have answered. I also recommend that you get as many signatures as possible on your letter-from immediate family members; extended family members; friends, and acquaintances.



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Try not to have anyone sign more than one query. Yet do not limit the number of signatures or the number of pages. The more signatures the better. Please try to get others involved in sending different letters. You may even go on the internet to seek support. Exposure is the general idea.

When we get a large number of people asking these questions the authorities will general idea. When we get a large number of people asking these questions the authorities will be forced to respond. I am sure that we can benefit tremendously from the court of public opinion.

Furthermore, this program, CAMPAIGN NITTY-GRITTY, is designed to bring to us the benefits that we are entitled to without a long drawn-out and expensive legal engagement. With dedicated activity, I am sure that we can expect, recognition, tax refunds, tax exemptions, and unrestrained freedom of enterprise.

I know that to many of you this may sound a bit far fetched. Nevertheless, you must consider the fact that the Louisiana Territory doubled the size of the United States as it was before the Louisiana Purchase. And as it is with all contracts, the sale was based upon conditions. Item 1. (S) Above is one of those conditions.

As ruled in federal court, "The law is equally well settled that one, who secures possession of property or money, under such an agreement for disposition or application, is obligated to perform accordingly or to return the property or money to him from whom possession was received.


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