La Compagnie Créole.
Mecringe to know that People know solittleabout Usand Our Culturebut on the Other they are Quick inDenying UsOur Heritage....To be continued





La Compagnie Creole









La Compagnie Creole


is a popular French pop band from French Guiana and the French West Indies, who started singing in the 1980s. They originally started singing in Creole but quickly adopted French as their main language.

They are known mostly for the feel-good and happy-go-lucky quality reverberating in all of their songs: popular themes and imagery include colorful rainbows, sunshine, music and harmless animals as a positive morale booster all set to Caribbean rhythms.

Many of their records have been produced by Daniel Vangarde. Their single "Ca fait rire les oiseaux" is played on New Year's Eve in Quebec francophone celebrations.







 A Francophone group whose good-time Caribbean sound found a wide audience in the 1980s, La Compagnie Creole released their first album, Blogodo, in 1982. A number of albums, awards, and tours followed, eventually culminating in the 2007 best-of compilation 25 Ans de Succes (25 Years of Success). The band played in a number of different countries, including the U.S.A., Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain. In 2004, they recorded and released an album in Spanish and played dates as a Spanish-language act. ~ Chris True, Rovi










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