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When Will the Creoles Wake Up and start promoting their Culture?



Quote of the day

A person without a History is like a person lost in the wilderness



..Who and what is a Creole

Creole People and their Culture are one of the most Precious gifts America has ever received and should be cherished by all of America's ethnic Population and I'll give You ten reasons why...


1.......It is the only Culture that is a Mixture of the all Original Races that settled this Country.

2.......It is the Oldest surviving Culture in America

3.......It's Culture Predates America and it's Country

4....... It's inhabitants come from another Country that is now the United States of America

5........Without it's inhabitants or it's native Land ...Louisiana ...there would never have beed an America from Sea to shining Sea

6.........It is the only Culture that is Latin in , Law and customs

7.........It is the only Culture in America that spoke a Foreign language but it's inhabitants come from America

8........Many of it's People of Color were the only people of Color to enjoy limited Freedom while most others were in Chains

9........It is the only state in the Union that still possesses the Latin code of laws called the Napolian Laws

10......Louisiana and It's People helped Preserve America by defeating the British in the War of 1812 at the battle of New.Orleans


We Creoles have very much to be Proud of, then, just Why are many Creoles hiding under the disguise of the African / Americans


New Orleans Creole Barbershop 1920's


While growing up as a child in the 50's We always knew that We were Creoles We stood out and thats what We were . Our Food Our friends were different and Although We lived in Chicago IL, We knew Our origins well..Being Creole somehow meant that We were a little different...In a much longer sense I was seeking a sense of Community that I could never find in Chicago..

It wasn't until My 40's that I got this urge to seek out My roots..then all of a sudden it came to Me...The Gumbo, the zydeco music, That other language they called "Creole" .. but most of all that mysterious State of Louisiana the mysteries began to unfold so did my interest..I begun to listen to Zydeco Music more intensely even read up on it's origins..

.I even went so far as to produce a Radio Program for Zydeco music on KATD Radio station in Concord / Walnut Creek in the Bay Area in which most of Our stations schedule was devoted to zydeco and Louisiana Music...Still my Hungar for anything Creole continued on..



My attention then turned to seeking out Other Creoles so I begin my search for Creole entertainment ..I started going to any and all creole picnics, Zydeco evente and Creole gatherings, usually at Church socials...

Still not being completely satisfied I turned My attention to Louisiana itself.. My Wife and Myself began to travel back and forth to Louisiana at least 5 to 6 times annually visiting Creole communities and the lands of My Ancestors ...

After about 10 years of extensive traveling back and forth to Louisiana We bought a little shotgun House in New Orleans..Now, finally, I was in the land of Our ancestors and was I really excited.. I knew from now on I could really become a part of Our creole Culture but what was to happen next really blew Me away....


" No Real Visual Creole Community"

That's right no Real places to dwell on


It seems that The very strong and united Creole community had under gone some real major upheavals..... In the past the 7th ward was a solid Creole community ..everything Creole was there and the Treme, the original community, of the New Orleans free Persons of Color ,very close to the now Famous "Veaux Carrie" French Quarters.

Both communities always possessed a strong Creole Cultural presence..but now the scene is quite different...The Southern Racist policies that arose after the states enactment of The One Drop Rule caused many Creoles to leave the State in search of better opportunities in other parts of America, such as California, Chicago and other States for better opportunities ..




Then to add insult to injury The State of Louisiana Permitted the Federal highway System to Construct Interstate 10 through the heart of the Creoles 7th Ward neighborhood, further separating New Orleans Creole Community...

So now that Creole Barber shop ,Aunt Sally's bakery ,The Creole Restaurants , The Creole Social Clubs and the rest slowly disappeared.. Now...The Creole Community that gave You that strong sense of Community has slowly faded away and My disappointment grew more and More.....

That however is not the end of the story...As I begin to get Use to the New Orleans hospitality I begin to notice Creoles Mingling together every where I went...Yes they were still there and that feeling of community begin to come back ...I knew they were Others because I felt that power of attraction every time I would encounter My Creole Brothers and sisters...




Yes, even though the Creole Neighborhood has some what disappeared many still live in New Orleans and they are really proud to stand Up and be counted ..After a while I began to see them every where I went ..My mail Man was Creole , Many merchants in the French Quarters were Creole,,The members of the Local Church ( St Augustine's Catholic Church) were Creoles and most every where I went I would see them...

I do believe many have blended in to the African American Community and are some what African American in character when around other African Americans but when encountering other Creoles they really display a sense of community......So just why am I telling You all this ....Because....Creoles need to keep the Creole identity alive...

Just recently , My last time in New Orleans, I went to the a Free festival in Lafayette Park in downtown New Orleans to specifically see "the Creole Man " "Amede Fredrick" perform.. After the Concert I was able to personally speak to him and I said to him to keep saying that word "Creole" as long as You can...He looked at Me

and smiled..


The whole point is that We cannot permit Our Creole Heritage to disappear for the sake of not offending Our African American Brothers...We, that is , All Creoles neen to wake up and be proud to say You are CREOLE and with dignity...

You have a Proud History...

You Owe it to your Family and the next generations Of Creoles who are eager to know just Who they are ...Creole, Creole,Creole









Defining Creoles.. Great Video


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Too White to be Black Too Black to be White


19th Century Creole


Rosa Parks

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