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Struggling to Survive


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Black People and Our hair









The Creole Struggle for Sentity


Creole People and Creole Culture Predates America ..and Louisiana has been the Home of this unique experience...The South has long been the Motherhood of Creole Culture....

Creoles Prior to the Civil War enjoyed a Renaissance of Cultural expansion and development and these Creoles enjoyed a Separate Racial Status ...

Their Culture developed , its People and their economic achievements became the envy of America, both Black and White...




After the Civil War all of this was to change...Once the carpetbaggers during the post Civil War era were run out of the South the then Racist Southern Politicians began to enact laws that would eventually take all these hard won successes away from The Creole People. Consequently Creoles were were stripped of there citizenship,Their Racial Status and Legal Rights and were reduced to a Pre slavery lifestyle..

Those Creoles who were not forced to leave Louisiana, somehow, began to leave the state for regions of better opportunity ...Today this outward migration has displaced the Louisiana Creole Population..To a great extent the population drain has spread the Louisiana Creole to every state of the Union and to as many foreign Countries ...

Creoles Culture still remains strong and its People continue to become achievers who still have a strong desire to maintain there Louisiana roots.





Issues confronting Creoles on a Daily Basis

and What People are thinking about Us and Our Culture...See What The Creole has to say !!!!






Are Fair skinned Blacks Really passing or are they just being themselves ??









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