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An ethnic group

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An ethnic group

is a group of humans whose members identify with each other, through a common heritage that is real or assumed- sharing cultural characteristics[1][2] This shared heritage may be based upon putative common ancestry, history, kinship, religion, language, shared territory, nationality or physical appearance. Members of an ethnic group are conscious of belonging to an ethnic group; moreover ethnic identity is further marked by the recognition from others of a group's distinctiveness.[3] [4]

"Ethnicity..... is a fundamental factor in human life: it is a phenomenon inherent in human experience."

Members of an ethnic group, on the whole, claim cultural continuities over time.


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Defining ethnicity

The terms "ethnicity" and "ethnic group" are derived from the Greek word ethnos, normally translated as "nation" or commonly said people of the same race that share a distinctive culture.

The modern usage of "ethnic group", however, reflects the different kinds of encounters industrialised states have had with subordinate groups, such as immigrants and colonised subjects; "ethnic group" came to stand in opposition to "nation", to refer to people with distinct cultural identities who, through migration or conquest, had become subject to a foreign state.


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The Louisiana Creole and their Culture


There are more than enough reasons why Louisiana Creole People are without a doubt a seperate ethinc group ...Creole history and Culture does not parallel African American Culture ..Lets examine the differences that seperate the Two People....


!.......Creole Cuture existed long before Their introduction to the New World ..Their History predates America and it goes back to the last years of European Occupation by the Moors .......Link ......Link2

2...... They existed as a Seperate People that co existed with the West Africans in the Trading post of Senagal ...Link....... Link2

3.......Their Ancestors were predominately from West Africa where many of the Slaves brought to the New World, South America and the Caribbean originated, (way before there was a United States of America ) Link

4........The Louisiana Creoles were originally Citizens of a Foreign Country called "New France" ...Link

5........They lived under an entirely different Political system than America Link

6........Many of the Louisiana Creoles were products of White and Black Parents and Were never Slaves but were born as Free People of Color ...Link

7.........Creoles spoke a Different Language "Louisiana Creole" with a dilect that is common among many of the Creole speaking inhabitants of the Caribbean..... Link

8.... ....Many Haitian Creoles Fled Haiti to escape the revolution and came to louisiana to further solidify the bond between the two People ...Link ......Link 2

9..........The Louisiana Creole enjoyed a seperate Racial status that was neither Black nor White but somewhere in between and were officially Called Mulattoes ... Link

10..........The African Slaves that came to Louisiana brought their food and Culture from Africa and were able to keep them and develop them in the New World because of the Relaxed laws the french Culture permitted ..... Link

11......They came from a Latin Culture had latin Customs and were raised under a more accomodating latin way of life ...... Link

12.....Their Ancestors were African, Spanish, Native American And French European which reflected the Cultures of the People that they shared.... Link


The Louisiana Creoles

are indeed a seperate Ethnic Group and have been, since their introduction into the New World, beginning in the Late 15th Centuary..There is no doubt that recorded History has established Them as a People long before they arrived in the New World.

Their language, a mixture of French and African was created on the African Continent long before their journey to the Americas. Their Food and Crusines has been around since the days of the colonization of the African Continent by the White Europeans and Their Customs were brought to the New World along with them and they were allowed to practice these Customs by the European Spanish and French ..No where in the U.S. can You find anything similar to the Louisiana Creole People and their Culture except in Louisiana.

Their Professional skills in Carpentry, Iron works ,Building Construction,the Masonary trade, Cigar Manufacturing date back to the Moorish conquest of Southern Europe , the Transportation of African to Portugal as Professional Workers and the Mixed Race Portuguese Colonies in West Africa..To put the Icing on the Cake for the most part Their Ancestors were Citizens of a Foreign Country (The Colony of New France) who in most cases were free People of Color..

There is no Cultural correlation between the African American And the Louisiana Creole and there never Was until the "Louisana Purchase" and the One Drop Rule that ultimately redefined Their Racial and ethnic Classification...To deny the Creoles this Right is to deny Diversity to all People of African ancestry in America..

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