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news clips 2009.



Important..Disable Video player above before clivking on to video selected here

So.. Here We go..a selection of Classic Louisiana style Music Videos starting with Old Classics along with some fairly current Videos...Many forms, styles, types and classes of music were created right here in Loiusuana... This handful of collections only represents specifically "Zydeco" because for Us it is a great part of Our Creole Culture...from time to time we will also make available to You Videos in the Creole language as they become available but for now We hope you can find something that suites Your taste

Beau Jocques.. Good Video ...Click here to view


Good Creole Links
Creole Jazz Great ..Jelly Roll Morton
Louisiana Music videos 2010 ...Page 2
A LA Creole ..
...More, more, more ....Click here
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  Tommy Thompson Gallery



Louisiana / Creole Jazz Musicians


Don't mess with my Toot Toot.......... Hot Number
Queen Ida.... hot tune
Edward "Kid" Ory
.Joe King Oliver
Fats Pichon
Zydeco/Cajun Music Videos
Really neat Cajun.. Zydeco and Louisiana Music videos for your listening pleasure..Compliments of Youtube.com..The Internet Video web site
Kid Ory's Creole Band.. video
Bois Sec & Canray
Larry "Bubba" Frey with master fiddler Harry Lafleur.

Swamp Pop Sound.....part 1..Part.2.

Canray Fontenot Bois Sec Ardoin.video
Harry Lafleur.. video
zydeco Dancing 9

Zydeco Dancing

Click on photo and here

Louisiana Zydeco Dance Videos...Click on photo and here

Bonne Musique Zydeco

..Boozoo chavis

video 1..... Video 2

C.J. Chenier..


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