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In America We all seem to think that Our Culture is homogenous but that is far from the truth... The Native Americans arrived here more than 2000 years before the Europeans and developed a Culture very different.. ..Then came the Spanish conquerors with their way of life, who plundered and destroyed much of this culture and then mixed with the Native population to create a Race of people and culture of their own

.Afterwards came the European colonizers who brought with them the African Slaves and Free Men of color...

then came the in between's, Asians, East Europeans, hindus,pacific Islanders and the like... The result of the intermixing of these People and Cultures brought about a Rich and diverse Culture the World had never seen before..

.It must be noted that although this mingling Created this new experience the old ways, to a large extent has not perished and is still practiced by many of these indigenous People ....The Creole experience is just one of many Cultures that exist here in America


James Brown


Louisiana Radio Stations

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage station

Creole Jukebox Louisiana Jukebox
Recording Artists
Recording Artists



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Mongo Jerry...Good old Rock-n-Roll
(Country) Tanya Tucker

(Salsa)..Oscar D'Leon (LLoraras)

Native American

Classic Rock.... (Jimmy Hendricks)
The Blues ( B.B. King )
Zydeco ( Rockin Sidney )
Soul ( James Brown )
Cajun / Zydeco  
Celia Cruz.... Cuban/Latin


Blues, Jazz, Zydeco, Cajun, Country, Soul, R&B , Rock , Classic


  alison kraussaisoau
Blue Grass ...(Alison Krauss )  
(R & B ) Aretha Franklin



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