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Janet Janet Ravare Colson,

NSU Creole Creole Heritage Center

Executive Director


Attached is an article about "saving" the Creole language, which was recently published in the Baton Rouge Advocate. The information presented regarding this very important and endangered aspect of the Creole culture is right on target and a must read. The people of Pointe Coupee deserve to be highly commended for this important effort. Angelique Gardner, who is mentioned in the article, is scheduled to be one of the speakers at our next Creole Heritage conference in Chicago this coming July.

She is also on the list of experts to work with the Creole Heritage Center & the Louisiana Regional Folklife office on a Creole Language documentation project. Notification was received this past January of a Lower Mississippi Delta Region Initiatives, National Park Service grant award for this purpose; however, we are still awaiting disbursement of the funds.

Once funds are received from this award, plans are to record and document as many of the remaining Creole speakers as possible. While all records concerned with this project will be maintained by the Center, the primary goal of this effort will be to share the results with participating Creole community members as well as connections across Louisiana and their links nationwide. Anyone wishing to be a part of this project should contact Janet Colson at the Center via the phone number shown below or email at

Janet Janet Ravare Colson,Executive Director NSU Creole Heritage Center NSUBox 5675 Natchitoches, LA 71497

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