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This petition is submitted to show support of the Creole Heritage Center to request necessary funding to help sustain its mission to document and promote the Creole culture and heritage. The Center has demonstrated tremendous success in cultural conservation, historic preservation, and recognition Click here





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Due to the wonderful genoristy of one of our contacts, we are able to increase the Forward award from $35 to $100!!  Because of this increase, we are also including all of the identified signatures of the "Saving Creole History" petition.  This campaign ends March 31, 2009 and all tracked forwards and petition signers will be included in the drawing for the $100 award.


Forward/Petition Campaign

The support shown during this campaign has been extraordinary!!  However, we need more.  The petition as of February 26th has been forwarded to Washington with our first proposal submittal.  The Center will be submitting a second proposal on March 6th and we need more signatures.  We are asking again that you forward this message or the petition itself to everyone you know and ask for their support.  If you have done this, do it again.  As I am sure you know, the more signatures we send, the stronger our voice will be. 

We need signatures from the following people:

  • Those who believe that the Creole culture & heritage is important enough to be accurately documented

  • Those who believe that the history of their Creole family is noteworthy

  • Those who believe the Creoles had a hand in the formation of this country's history

  • Those who believe our children need to know our history

  • Those who believe that this culture is unique in this country and should be recognized

  • Those who believe that now is the time that our legislators support this effort

  • Those who want to know more about their Creole history and culture

  • And everybody else!!

See Forward information below.

To sign the "Saving Creole History" Petition click here

Please know that the Creole Heritage Center staff and I truly appreciate all of the support and recognition you have shown.  Your memberships, donations and words of encouragement has gone a long way in sustaining our efforts to preserve and document the Creole culture.

Sincerely, Creole Membership

Janet Colson, Executive Director
NSU Creole Heritage Center

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NOTE:  Creole Heritage Center employees and their spouses are NOT eligible to receive the Forward/Petition award. 



Forward this email (or sign the petition) plus others during this campaign and get a chance to win $100  All forwards are automatically tracked to your email address.  Each forward tracked and petition signature logged before the deadline earns you an additional chance in the drawing.  Actual prize will be announced and awarded after March 31, 2009. 

Offer Expires: March 31, 2009
NSU Creole Heritage Center | NSU Box 5675 | Kyser Hall, Room 116 | Natchitoches | LA | 71457


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