Latino Connection
  1. We Creoles have always wondered where we fit in. Creole identity has always been very strong & meaningful but some how our true heritage has become lost due to centuries of abuse, lies & cultural Genocide... Not only do we have a proud History but those that have come before us have paved the way for us to continue in their sucesses. As the old saying goes! "the proof is in the pudding."

Creole Terminology criollos de México...Click here for Video




Mulattoes/Mixed Race ...... The New Worlds mixed Race People

Pico Pico
Pio Pico
Last governor of Mexican California

Emiliano Zapata
Emilliano Zapata
Mexican Revolutionary
Creole / Latin Connection

Creole/ Latin

the African legacy in Mexico..smithsonian institute

The Afro Mexicano here

Mexico-Louisiana Connection

Creole Connection


Our European Roots





Afro Mexicans .Also.. Click here
Afro Columbianos...Click here



The New World Afro Latinos celebrate For Obama ..





We are More than Just " Black "


Most Creoles and Mulattos' will tell you from time to time they have frequenily been mistaken for Latino People...The truth is that We are Very Latin Indeed...We share the same Racial mixture and Our Ancestory is the same...The only thing that seperates Us all is Our National Cultures..

..Creoles on the other hand are much more Culturally Latin than our Mulatto American cousins , in that We share more of a French Culture than most others ( The French Culture is Latin ) ...There is no doubt that The French Colonized the Louisiana Territory and in fact made it a seperate Latin Nation prior to the Louisiana Purchase...

It was during the early period of Colonization that the Spanish Ruled and administered over Louisiana and their Spanish Culture blended with the African and French Culture that Created the Present day Louisiana Creole......So come share some of our similarities and see for Yourself...




Someones' explanation of the Latino Races    




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