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invites you to come join Us and get to learn more about Our Creole Culture, the Oldest Minority group in the Americas and the first Foreign Nation of people to be annexed and incorporated into the United States of American

" The Indigeneous Louisiana French Creole People"

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Our Own Faith Healer A Creole Entrepreneur The Only mixed race Romantic Language Creoles in Antiquity  



 ...Not only is this Creole Web site meant to open the doors to a understanding of Americans' " first and only " home brewed nationality, but It is also a way of Introducing to the American people the way of life and the struggle for recognition that we Creole people have been guaranteed throughout our existance.





The many catagories, as listed, will show you what we & our Culture are all about!

So browse through our site & when the (hand) appears explore our topics as you see fit.

Some sites will still be under construction and some wil not be complete but as you search through this site you will see how we came to be


We welcome your comments and suggestions and we also encourage Creoles, throughout america, to support your web site by sending your essays, photos, comments & any contributions you'd like to make to your web site!

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